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  1. ****Mod Edit: Warning, the link below is NSFW****

    ...You're looking for information on the Gillette "New".

    Wanna read about how the Fusion was invented? Neither did I, but it's funny. Please be advised that the humour contains quite the lot of profanity and F-bombs.
    With that being said...I know THIS is fake, but have a good laugh anyhow.

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    I remember reading that article when it came out. I can't believe it's been eight years already.
  3. That reading is a bit vulgar and should have a little warning on it before members open it and find if offensive. Such as I. I cannot find such immense profanity humorous.
  4. My Apologies for not posting the warning. When I hyperlinked the URL to "THIS", I was attempting to be discrete since there was profanity in the actual link.
    Sorry about that.
  5. Was in the store today and noticed the cartridge section. Can't believe how expensive those puppies have become. The article, while trying to be funny, illuminates the way in which Gillette and Schick have gone too far with their greed. More and more people are going to turn back to traditional shaving because of this idiocy.
  6. Seriously, 5??? Like wtf, I wonder if 2 really are fake!
  7. The sad thing is that they almost got it right...

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    yeah development seems more to be driven by marketing these days then actual need or improvement, but when you have stockholders to make happy you cant blame them to much they are accountable to the people who invest in them
  9. ****Mod Edit: Warning, the link below is NSFW****

    Mod editor, very first line, tells me this might be a bit racy. OP also says."
    Please be advised that the humour contains quite the lot of profanity and F-bombs"

    Warning was there....all you have to do is read and heed.
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    The warning was posted after Rick had read it :smile:.
  11. sorry

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