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  1. Just had to share this incredible experience.
    I recently placed an order for a safety razor through the Superior Shave. It arrived in two days flat, but unfortunately upon opening it I noticed that the razor had a small manufacturing defect. I contacted Jarrod to let him know, and he promptly responded, saying that he would immediately send me a new one, along with a return envelope for me to mail the defective one back. I have never before been treated so politely by a vendor on the matter of a return.
    Needless to say, I will be shopping there again soon.
  2. Yeah, I have also received great service from the Superior Shave. :thumbup1:

    His website is also amazing, the photos of products give such attention to detail. However, they definitely erode my ability to resist buying whatever I am looking at. But I guess that is a good thing depending on your perspective! :lol:
  3. franz

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    Jarrod has gotten a lot of business from me for the mere fact that he takes detailed pictures of individual brush stock. That way, I know exactly what I'm getting when I lay down $100+ for a brush.

    It's an absurdly inefficient way to do business, but hell, it makes me happy. :biggrin1:
  4. I bought my chubby 1 best from jarrod, I wont buy another Simpson from anyone else !!
  5. i agree, i bought simpsons colonel, proraso, and traveling case from jarrod.
  6. ouch

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    Jarrod has undertaken an extremely labor intensive approach to service, and I hope it pays off for him. We're used to getting pretty darn good service around these parts, but this is really taking it to another level.

    There's a particular satisfaction in looking at a website and seeing the exact product you purchased. I get a kick looking at his main pic of the Thiers-Issard Sheffield in ram's horn and knowing that nobody can ever purchase it, because it's in my drawer. :tongue_sm

    Super service, to say the least.
  7. Superior Shave is probably the best online shop I can think of. I don't know anywhere else that photographs and describes individual items. Jarrod is great too... he is beyond helpful.

    It is truly a unique service that we are lucky to have... if there is something you can order from this place you definitely should and support the site/owner.
  8. I just bought my first Simpson's brush from Jarrod about a week ago and I don't think I'll ever buy a Simpson's brush from another vendor. The service and communication was great, which is itself reason enough to go back. But the best part of all is getting to see each brush that he has in stock and choosing which one I want to buy. With the variations that are common in the Simpson's line of brushes, such a service is invaluable. I got lucky that my first Simpson's brush had a nicely shaped knot, but I'm still disappointed with the knot on my second Simpson's brush that was purchased from another vendor (WCS). After that one and buying one from TheSuperiorShave, I don't think I'll buy a Simpson's brush from another vendor, unless, of course, Jarrod doesn't carry it. The photos Jarrod provides ensured that I got a brush with which I would be very satisfied.
  9. I got my last Chubby 2 from Jarrod...we emailed each other quite a bit till the brush that I wanted came along...a very smooth and pleasurable experience. I have been a repeat customer for a while now...can't recommend enough.
  10. Yep - TSS is truly the best there is.
  11. good to know.

    i usually deal with Joseph @ ItalianBarber because he's in canada (also a top notch vendor), but he was OOS on the 39C so i ordered from SuperiorShave.

    hasn't arrived yet, but it's good to know i bought from a well respected vendor :lol: and if there is a problem, he'll take care of it.
  12. He is extremely helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to straight razors, strops, hones (cotis!). He will give you his honest opinion
  13. Jarrod knows what good customer service is, and also knows his stuff.

    Always fast shipping, great product, and good pricing.

    He took the time and help me pick out my Coti.

    Great guy to buy from.
  14. Agreed. I could not be happier with my purchase of a Duke 2. Great service.
  15. Pluses to all the positives I've read. The French have a saying "Le client est roi". While I cannot pronounce that properly, I know it means "The customer is King". The Superior Shave has that level of service.

    - I enjoy the ability to choose the EXACT item I will get. No other online service does that.

    - The Superior Shave makes sure their razors are actually shave-ready. Every razor I have bought from TSS has had a perfect edge straight out of the box.

    - Every price I have compared on the TSS site has at least been competitive.

    - The communication is great, usually replying immediately to any inquiry.

    Jarrod maintains an awesome shop, and they are always one of the first places I look for products. I hope he can keep his current business model going. I sure will miss seeing the pics of actual hardware if that has to stop.
  16. I also have to jump in and say how good The Superior Shave is when it comes to international shipping. I live in Australia and it's damn hard when you get to the checkout and see that the postages costs are bigger than the items you want to buy! However, at TSS it's only a few dollars more for international postage, which is absolutely fantastic!
  17. ouch

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    Jarrod really goes out of his way to provide that extra inch of service. Even though it's an internet site, I always come away feeling that I received the same personalized service I would get at an old fashioned brick and mortar store.
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    This thread is really wearing me down. The ram horn TIs are really nice looking razors.
  19. ouch

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    I can't believe no one scored #3 yet.

    I am so happy with mine.
  20. professorchaos

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    That is the one! Just when I think I have SRAD beat ...

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