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  1. Don't know about the rest of you, but when I order product online I want to start using it Now! I realize that is unreasonable, but Jarrod at The Superior Shave is getting close. I ordered a coti I had wanted for some time late one evening and the next business day I received an email from Jarrod that it was being shipped. I came home the next day to find the coti on my doorstep. I was certainly surprised and very excited to try it out.

    This was not the first time ordering from The Superior Shave and the service I have received is the reason I keep going back.

    Thanks Jarrod,
  2. I have placed a few orders with them, great service, fast shipping and good prices.
  3. Always great service from Jarrod. He helped me pick out my first DE.
  4. I would echo that. I have placed many an order with Jarrod and he always ships quickly and lets you know when he does. More importantly, perhaps, he'll spend as much time as it takes to help you identify what you want. I remember my first coti purchase about a year ago; I labored over his offerings for hours and must have exchanged 20+ emails with him. He was extremely helpful.

    This is not to say that other vendors aren't helpful, too (Phil at Bullgoose comes to mind as a very personable and helpful vendor), but since we're on the topic of TSS, Jarrod is superb.
  5. a big +1 on that. In the digital age of shopping, you very rarely feel as if you're picking out specific products, but rather clicking a picture and hoping that you receive something similar to the stock image. TSS does a fantastic job of letting you know exactly what you're getting, both through detailed pictures and descriptions of the exact item that you'd be purchasing, as well as through quick and detailed email responses.

    I always make TSS my first stop when I'm looking for something new.
  6. I love TSS and try to shop there as much as I can!
  7. I can't say enough good about buying from Jarrod. He is one of the best vendors to deal with period. If he sold cars, I'd buy them (although I'm not sure how a sedan would look bubblewrapped). His shipping is lightning fast. I think he must be able to predict orders before they're placed.
  8. I was more than pleased with my transaction with Jarrod.
  9. +2 on Jarrod. Great service. Superior packaging!
  10. guys are so spoiled.......

    ... it takes normally two weeks to receive things by Priority Mail here...

    .....and if goes by Parcel Post...... 8 weeks.....

    .... so receiving something in 2 or 3 days, is a dream........
  11. Hello, I'm brand new to straight razor shaving. I bought my DE's from a website local to where I live in CA, but when I went to move to a straight, they were all out except for the most expensive and shavettes. After reading a number of threads, research and posts, I decided on a Dovo, and actually went for 2 as one site I read recommended that you give the razor a 24-48 hour rest between shaves. That may be sales propaganda, but it gave me an excuse to get a couple to get started. Anyhow, after buying the first at a local cutlery shop and finding out it really was shave ready - by and independent 3rd party - I was looking for a nice second razor. Everyone was - again - either sold out, or only had the most expensive in stock.

    I finally looked at TSS, and I was interested in the Dovo Micarta. I had read the things about it being hard to strop and hone, and that SS was a little harder for beginners to work with, so I called Jarrod. He confirmed this, and told me a couple of other things about that razor which convinced me that (if I ever get it) I should wait until I'm more experienced. He gave me a list of about 6-7 Dovo's that would be good to start with, in addition to the first one I purchased, not all of which he had in stock. He said it didn't matter if I didn't buy from him (if I got one he didn't have) so long as I got a good one that I felt comfortable purchasing. He also recommended the silicon, or gun, sock in which to store the razors. Ugly as sin, but they're supposed to be the best for keeping the rust off the razors in a humid climate (I live close to the ocean). He also told me what to expect with a straight razor - how it didn't feel like a DE or cartridge, and why.

    He was very informative, and I really enjoy the style of his website. Easy to navigate - great pictures. The website may be a little 'old school' in terms of sophistication, but I have left other sites that aren't easy to get around. Sometimes, the old ways are best. Bottom line is I took one of his recommendations - Dovo Diamant. He had/has a new supply and I got first crack at the selection - oh yeah, you actually get to pick your scales when you order (if that is an option) rather than having some stranger pick it out for you (a really nice touch).

    Anyhow, I just received my package at the office and opened with a couple of my shaving cohorts. I'm the first to 'take the training wheels off' and go for a straight razor. Both thought the razor is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to try it out this weekend. I can tell it is sharper than my other. I can't say enough about how awesome my experience with Jarrod has been. I will definitely be back to his site. Great job Jarrod!!!
  12. I love the fact that they photograph their stock of Simpson Brushes so that you know exactly what you're getting.....
  13. I have to point out that superior shave doesn't do returns.

    In my case I had a problem with a product I purchased from them and instead of replacing the product they directed me to the manufacterer. Pretty lame if you ask me, I spent a few hundred dollars for this stuff.

    other items I bought had no problems but swill I buy from them again? No way.
  14. Jarrod is alright in my books. Even though living in Florida I get popped for sales tax (either 6% or 7%), free and quicksmart shipping makes the sale well worth the extra few dollars and cents. I've made a number of purchases from Jarrod over the years; never had problem 1.
    Actually the first ever straight razor "I" actually bought (Dovo Palisander) was from TSS. It's still ranked in the top half of my quiver today.

    For whatever the reason, this is the guy who "has it in stock" when few others do. ...and I'm like the OP, I buy it..I paid for it..I want it NOW!! I think that's reasonable. This philosophy runs in the's in our blood.

  15. Wid


    I've bought a number of items form Jarrod, never a problem.

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