The Shopping Cart Waiting Game

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by JackRapture, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Hello All,
    I was wondering if anyone else enjoyed adding things to their shopping carts on certain websites even though they couldn't afford them at the time. You know, to have a whole set waiting for you whenever you get some extra spending money.

    Right now my West Coast Shaving shopping cart includes:
    Simpson Classic CL2 in Best
    Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College Aftershave
    Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap and Bowl
    Sample pack of Red Personna blades

    Any thoughts?
  2. Heck I´m considering about selling my better winterjacket just to get more packs of DE blades :whistling:
  3. +1, i have full carts on two sites just waiting to get some spare money i can spend that SWMBO won't notice
  4. lol

    +1 I feel better now.
  5. Haha, I'm feeling better too.

    *day dreams of when he gets to hold his Simpson*
  6. Been there....done that.

    Just last night I was shopping for the best deal on Cella. Added it to three websites to see where I can get the best deal but the shipping costs stopped me in my tracks.

    I don't mind paying around 5 bucks for shipping but when a shipping cost of $10.20 popped up from a well known Calif. store, I just deleted it. I'm on the east coast but forget 10 bucks for shipping. It's a shame because I really like the store but can't order from it.
  7. My carts are busting from the weight!:w00t::w00t:
  8. has flat $6.95 shipping to the US and free shipping over $60. 1kg Cella is 34.95. Add in 250g of P.160 and a tube of Proraso and you are just under $61. :w00t::w00t:
  9. I have at least 4-5 shaving sites with items in the carts. Plus I have a big list of items bookmarked via Amazon wishlist.
  10. I've done this too, good way to compare total cost on the same items.

    I can't say I keep stuff in shopping carts, but I do use wish lists. I have many, many things on the wish list :innocent:

  11. You read my mind. Italian Barber was the best deal and I did actually add products to get my order to 60 bucks but then decided I really don't need the Cella yet. I just wish their $34.95 price holds for a while.
  12. Jack:
    No, if I don't have the cash...I'll have to wait.

    On another note..darn Pony Express...I hope you get your packages soon. [​IMG] Maybe you'll have better luck by carrier pigeon. [​IMG]

    And I'll bet you're just drooling :drool: with anticipation.

    "Between the wish and the thing lies waiting". Anonymous

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