The shaving gods have looked with favor on me (and a question)...

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  1. My wife and I made a visit to some antiques stores today and the shaving gods smiled upon our journey. In the fourth antique store we ventured into, in the very last case before the exit, I see a razor. And what was it but a silver ABC Floral!!! I tried to contain my excitement and had my wife stand guard by the case as I went to get somebody with the keys. When I took it out of the case, I knew it was going home with me. The price tag: $30.00. I asked how firm they were on the price and he said, we could do $27.00. I don't even know why I asked, but I did. I got out my credit card and look at what I brought home! My quest is complete. Maybe tomorrow, I'll post some photos of the lot.

    The razor itself looks quite good. There are two slightly bent teeth, but both go slightly inward and down, so it shouldn't effect the shave much at all.

    The case has the initials C.A.H. engraved on the top, which looks really cool. Unfortunately, the case has a touch of what looks like paint on the back side of it. I've wondered what I could try using to get it off. I thought about paint thinner, but I don't know if that would be a good idea. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  2. Nice score! ABC razors are beautiful:001_wub:.
    I use a metal polish called Boms Away on my razors. It took paint off the head of one of mine. I'm sure most similar metal cleaners/polishes will work the same, but its the only one I have. And it will make the box shine!

    As to the bent teeth, my old style has one bent in. I believe they can be straightened if done carefully. I'm about to go try so I'll let you know

    edit: Yeah, they can be straightened, but be careful. I used pliers wrapped with electrical tape to avoid damage
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  3. Very Nice Score! Congrats!
  4. Great score, congratulations!

    The paint should be no real trouble. I'd probably try something mild first, maybe even a penetrating oil like Kroil (I happen to have it, and happen to know it will not harm any metal). It might just loosen that paint up. If not, I'd be very tempted to try something like Goof Off, but I'd research first to make sure it won't harm the plating- or at worst, test in a very small area on the bottom to be certain.
  5. GREAT score!

    I've been wondering whether to quest after alternates of my ABCs - a gold Empire to match my silver; a silver floral to match my gold... well you convinced me - I NEED the opposites! (If you ever want to pass that silver floral on, I'll take dibs.)

    That's a beautiful razor - and 10% off, too!

  6. And if YOU ever want to give away your ABCs, I'll take dibs.
  7. noted. :glare:

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