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  1. Hi Everyone!

    Wondering if you can help with this one...

    Been shaving with D/E Merkur HD for the past month, and the redness in my neck has gone done a lot, but I cant seem to give it that final kick. The razor burn has gone completely from my old multi blade butchering 'razor'. All that seems to be left is a number of small bumps which I assume are ingrown hairs.

    What would be the best way to finally get rid of these?

    Many Thanks :thumbup1::thumbup1:
  2. give us your routine step by step and we can better help. What kind of prep, aftershave etc.
  3. Hi

    I shave with a Merkur HD, Derby Extra Blades and ToBS Avocado Cream

    Prep is to shave after shower, wrap face and neck with a hot wet towel, then lather up from bowel and wrap again, then lather up and shave 2 passes with the grain.

    I don't generally use any aftershave balms as a lot of them tend to bring back the rash.

    Many Thanks in advance :thumbup1:
  4. You need to get that moisture back into your skin - an aftershave is a good idea.

    Make sure to watch your blade angle and pressure as well. Two WTG passes shouldn't be enough to cause much irritation, unless your angle is way off or you're applying pressure.
  5. I just can't get this picture out of my head...I'm sorry...really I am...sorry...

    Of course, that may be the cause of the problem.:001_rolle

  6. Find the thread somewhere in this forum about the Derby blades. There is a quality problem with these blades if the print on the box is horizontal (I think...)

    I started out with much the same setting, only I used a Merkur Progress on setting 2 (less aggressive than your setup) and ToBS Sandalwood soap. After 1½ month I was about to go nuts with the irritation, and then I tried a red pack Personna blade...

    My advice: Try another blade. Those Derby's may be a little harsh on your skin, even if your prep, lather and blade angle are all perfect.

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    A couple of things to check, first make really sure, I mean REALLY sure you have mapped your hair growth. I cannot tell you the number of times that guys thought they knew which way the hair grew and then were surprised to find it didn't.
    What you think is WTG might not be.
    Another is speed. Go really slow. If you think you are going too slow, then slow down.
    Speed magnifies errors created by bad blade angle, which is another thing to check. Neck problems can often be attributed to the difficulty in getting the correct angle in that wierd location.
    Don't over stretch the skin. You will find that just stretching enough to get a flat shaving surface without loose skin getting in the way is all that is required. Overstretching can contribute to ingrowns by cutting the hair below the surface. Some guys can get a way with it, most can't.
    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
  8. It may well be worth switching blades. For example I found that Derbys really didn't work for me, simply left my face raw. Switching to Astras or Feathers made a big difference.

    Refining your technique will probably have the biggest impact on shave quality, you wouldn't really expect irritation from WTG, which suggests that something else is might be going awry. Less pressure and tweaking blade angle may yield some good results.
  9. +1 Unfortunately I had the exact same thought! :lol:

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