The Pelikan Flies Again!

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  1. About 3 months ago, I found a reasonable deal on eBay for a Pelikan M250. The seller shipped it wrapped in tissue paper, along with a bottle of ink, in a padded envelope. The pen was broken completely in half when it arrived. The seller immediately refunded the cost plus shipping and told me to not return the pen or the ink.

    I knew that Pelikan has a good warranty and researched a bit. The person at Chartpack told me that I would have to send it to Germany, for an unknown length of time measured in multiple months, but that they would repair under warranty regardless of the cause or from whom I purchased the pen.

    So, I took the money the seller refunded, bought the pen a ticket to Germany, and re-refunded the balance back to the seller. Fast-forward to yesterday when my newly repaired pen arrived. It's absolutely beautiful; it looks like a brand-new pen, properly aligned nib, and at no charge. This is only my second Pelikan, I also have an M400, but it won't be my last, that's for sure. They definitely stand behind their product.
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    OK, glad to hear, great news! Although you should by now know the drill -- pics please!
  3. Pelis are my favourite pen and I have several other makes to compare them with.

  4. This is the way commerce is supposed to work, but unfortunately it is becoming the exception rather than the norm. I commend you and the seller for you integrity, and congratulate you on a fantastic outcome :)
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  6. This makes me feel good about the fact that I am finally a Pelikan owner (M200 medium nib). I can't wait until I pull the trigger on the M800.
  7. Too right! :biggrin1:


    Thank you for the kind words Ruston and Doc4. I'm a product of my upbringing and there was never a question about the outcome.
  8. Awesomw. Pelikan is my all time favorite.
  9. Do you have any contact info for Pelikan in Germany? Chartpak gave me a list of people to send mine to for repair, stating that they only honored warranty for original owners.
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    Good to hear that they are willing to help.
    You don't see that too much these days.
  11. Only the mailing address Chartpak gave me:

    Pelikan PBS Produktionsgesellschaft MBH
    Pelikanstrasse 11
    31288 Peine/Voehrum
  12. Thanks, I googled the name and got to the German site. I sent them an email and am awaiting a reply.
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    I'm glad to see your Pelikan up and running. Looks great!

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