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Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by sellitman, May 10, 2009.

  1. I have been using "The King Of Shaves" for about 3 years now. I find I can get around three or four passes before the lubrication wears out. It also doesn't foam up so I can keep track on where my goatee is without guesswork.

    Anyone else use this product? I get mine at Target btw.

  2. King of Shaves gel provides a lot of slickness. I used it a lot back when I used cartridge razors. It smells like used motor oil, though.

    I haven't used it since switching to a brush and good creams/soaps. I can't see using KoS over, say, Trumper's Lime SC. It's not close, either. :wink:
  3. MAK


    I use to use it as a travel shaving lubricant. Worked pretty well. Now I use a DR Harris stick (Arlington) and I like that much better.
  4. I used KoS for a while before switching to my DE, but not much any more. I did use it about ten days ago when I was running very late and thought it would be faster. It was a quick shave and good enough, but that's about it.
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    I still have some preshave oil left that I use on occasion. It works pretty well, but it has a strange feel to it. Kingfisher says that their stuff smells like motor oil--when I use the preshave, I feel a little bit like I rubbed CLP into my face.
  6. i used to this back in the pre-double edge days. its pretty good. i don't think it smells like motor oil! it smells like whatever old people rub on their joints on cold days though.

  7. You are right about the smell. It's not my favorite. I will check out your Trumpeter's Lime SC as soon as I decide what DE to buy.
  8. CLP? Not a bad idea. I can clean my guns and soften my beard at the same time. Huge time-saver!
  9. CLP. That's the smell indeed, i've been trying to place it for sometime. I use it from time to time when traveling, it's serviceable.
  10. You get decent lubrication from KOS stuff, but a good cream/soap gives you so much more than that. I find my beard's just too tough to get a comfortable shave with KOS alone, even with a DE.

    But as a pre-shave, ahh, now you're talking.
  11. It's by far the best shave gel I've used (EDGE, Nivea, Aveeno, Gillette, etc). Use to use it pretty much exclusively when I was using my power fusion. Now, with my DEs, it seems to gum up the razors a bit, so I rarely use it.
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    I gave the KOS stuff a fair shake and here are my views:

    1) the PSO is fine, but no better than other stuff I've used and definitely has more chemicals (unlike lots of the stuff out there that is just a nice collection of oils) and it has a very chemically smell. FWIW, I don't like PSOs generally.

    2) The gel is fine - I found that it worked better with a cartridge and didn't have the cushion or slickness I wanted with my DE - especially my Futur. Again, the smell was nasty and there's a lot of stuff I don't like to see in my shaving products in the gel.

    Overall, this stuff is just OK and I've used better brushless products - if you want something more "natural", Alba makes some very inexpensive brushless products that work quite well (I've used the aloe mint) and the Headlube is also not too bad (the menthol has a decent kick).

    Finally, almost any cream can be used brushless - so there's really no need to buy this sort of stuff if you just want something for the odd time when you're on the road or need to do a quickie shave.

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