The Irony of a BBS

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  1. You know how we are always on the endless jouney to get that BBS shave? I had one of those 2 nights ago with my Slim dialed in at "5" with a new Feather blade. Afterwards, I would run my hand across my face and say to myself, "Damn, that's a great shave!!". So smooth I literally couldn't feel my skin. Never had that before.

    Then I thought, "Can't wait til my beard grows out so I can go at it again." But my shave was so close that it's taking longer to get to my next shave! So, here I am wishing my beard grew faster. The irony of a BBS.
  2. So very true.

    In my Mach3 days, I would complain about having to shave and how fast it would grow back. Now with a DE, I find myself so eagerly looking forward to shaving again, and almost disappointed that it doesn't grow faster. It really is amazing how much my perspective has changed. lol
  3. Truer words were never spoken,My whiskers aren't particularly Course or tough but it's not Peach-Fuzz fine either, but I have the same Problem when I Injector Shave. I have no visible whisker until ~28 hour mark, so I have to skip the next day, when I DE or SE shave I limit it to two passes & a Touch-up on the Jawline & Neck, still getting a DFS.

    Add; to be clear, with Injectors I still use the two-pass and touch-up, but due to the razor's aggressiveness with the sharp, rigid blade, I receive The Closest shave, than from any other Razor & Blade combination & number of passes. I'd prefer a DFS just to be able to shave daily, won't happen with injectors unless I do a one-pass, which to me, would be a waste of time & product.
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  4. I am in the same boat, though I've moved on to straights, I had those same feelings during my DE introduction. I am still awaiting my first BBS with a straight.
  5. That's exactly what happened with me 3 days ago. I had purposely avoided using Gillette razors until then. I'd played exclusively with Merkur and EJ. Then I decided to try finally a Slim and SA with the three blades (Sharks, Astra and Derby) which I didn't like until then. I started with the Adjustables on #7, half face for each razor, switching the three blades. And all of a sudden, as you said, on #5, the magic happened with the Slim. It just felt it like something snapped. It worked flawlessly with all three blades. I just couldn't believe the difference it made. It felt so different and the feedback was great. Maybe it was the closest shave I remember.
  6. A bit offtopic, so I'll beg forgiveness in advance:

    I don't chase BBS, and it's not an endless journey. This way, I find it much more remarkable when it happens, and enjoy it that much more because I'm not trying to get it. I just look to get a no-blood DFS in 2 passes with a couple touch-up strokes. I shave to be well-groomed, not to achieve some kind of self-identified state of super-groomed-ness.

    Not to be the wet blanket, here, but I think there's too much emphasis on the BBS as a goal. Some people like the thrill of the chase and the striving for perfection... this I understand. No harm in it, per se. However, I think it can go too far and cause people to constantly change things or buy every cream/soap on the face of the earth, or just be unsatisfied with shaves that look great but may not be totally perfect.

    Heck, I can't wait for my beard to grow out just so I can grab a different razor from the back of the rack, or try a new blade. BBS doesn't even have to come into the picture.

    Your wet blanket,
    -- Chet
  7. Chet,

    Not so much a wet blanket as a different perspective. Thanks.
  8. The BBS is like a award and proof of a job well done. I never chase it and am not disappointed when I don't achieve it. But it feels good when something like this happens. I enjoy changing razors and blades and like the shaving itself. A nice outcome is kinda awarding and stimulating.
  9. Hey, Vincene.

    I've used my FB once or twice and it's real close to the Slim. The difference this time was I used a Feather and that hit the sweet spot! I just happen to be using the Slim. Tonight, the FB gets the Feather.
  10. I always get a BBS each time I shave, I just get it faster now than I have before. I can't wait for my hair to grow for a different reason, just so I can mow it down again..
  11. KM,

    You shave every day?

    I shave every other day, but I like to hit it late at night when the boys and SHWBO are asleep. No interruptions, just a boy and his blade. :wink2:
  12. Yes every day, it grows fast, which sucks OR maybe not, depends from what eyes you look at that one really.
  13. Ever let it go for several days to see how the R41 bush hog handles it?
  14. Sometimes just for the heck of it, and the R41 just kills it, thats why I like this razor so much.
  15. I shave every day, except Sunday. On Fridays and Sats I shave in the evening, so that my Friday shave has a 36 hour growth. That and Monday are usually my favorite shaves since they have the most growth, plus I do a new Feather every Monday. I ALWAYS achieve BBS, and the key is not just BBS but no cuts or irritation to go with it, and 99% of the time I have no nicks (well maybe 98%) and never any irritation. In fact the only times in the past 40 years I have ever had crappy wet shaves was with poor razors such as the Mach II (or IIIs or whatever), the R41, and my old Gillette gold plated 1940s monstrosity that I keep as a backup. I wish I had my adjustbale Gillete, that shaved nicely
  16. I usually go for a BBS shave and I can get about 90%-95% most days, which is just fine by me. I'm quite presentable for the whole day.

    Since switching to DE 3.5 years ago, I've learned that a DFS from a gentle razor is also nice, with the added benefit of being easier on the skin.
  17. Very true.

    Over the past 3.5 years of your DE shaving, have you noticed your skin adapting or "toughening up" to the rigors of DE shaving? I ask because I come across that here from time to time...."The skin needs time to adjust to this or that razor...". Wondering if that's true or a myth.

  18. Its true to a certain extent, according to a dermatologist I spoke to once about it, almost in the same way you get calloused.
    Of course, as you age, the other factors like sundamage, dryness, etc, kick in. On the other hand, the moisterizing effects of the creams and emollients tend to counteract the roughening
  19. I feel this everytime I shave with Personna Lab Blue. Two days is just enough stubble to get a comfortable shave again! If I shave everyday, it dries my face out and gives me more irritation. Thankfully, my job doesn't require clean shaven (yay factory/machine work!)

    My older triangle hole Ball End Tech REALLY gives me a close shave, even closer than the Superspeeds I still love. I now have a long comb NEW to add to the mix...
  20. Guess I'm lucky, but I go for BBS every day, yet there is more than enough growth for a daily shave. And now I can achieve it with a straight, not just a DE, I'm more than content.:001_smile

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