The Great Blade Exchange - Redux - See Post #2 for Stock List

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  1. Because of plpenn's excellent idea, many of you have already had a chance to try several different blades blades normally reserved for the purchase of a sampler pack. Because the exchange has already reached epic proportions, Paul (plpenn) has accepted my offer to tag-team this project in an effort to allow him some free time to peruse other threads (geez y'all are high maintenance). But seriously, this awesome project he started has expanded and as such so has the process.

    Here are the details:

    1) browse the latest stock list and pick some blades you would like to try (in pairs)
    2) post in this thread ONLY what you would like to try and what you are wanting to trade for your selections (also in pairs)
    3) I will PM you once I check stock and/or blades that are already spoken for (first come, first served) and send you the blade bank address (aka Paul's address)
    4) I will coordinate with Paul about what he should be expecting
    5) Send Paul your blades AND a self-addressed stamped envelope (with enough post postage for return). PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR B&B NICKNAME so we can keep track of the trade
    6) Stock list will be updated and published in this thread when deposits/withdrawals are physically received by Paul.
    7) Your withdrawals will be sent out on Fridays

    The not-so-fine print:

    * donations to the bank are always accepted
    * there will be a max stock limit of 20 for each blade
    * let's keep it fair guys and gals. No "I'll send you 20 Derbys for 20 Feathers" or "I'll send you 10 Lords for a sampler pack" types of trades. The point of this is to allow anyone the opportunity to try a few of a wide variety of blades
    * SE and DE blades will be accepted
    * blades MUST be in the original wrapping AT THE VERY LEAST (ie...paper or wax wrapper, unless they come in a dispenser)
    * open dialogue about blade trials are encouraged in this thread
    * have fun!

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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Great work guys. Could you have a mod add a comment to the old thread with a link to this one?
  4. I think that is a good idea I will see what I can do. All donations sent in will be added directly to the exchange.
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  5. From the old thread:

    User Name: Itaforte

    I would like to try:
    2 Gillette 7o'clock Black
    2 Gillette 7o'clock Blue
    2 Zyletek Iridium Super

    In exchange for:
    2 Shark Super Crome
    2 Shark Super Stainless
    2 Sharp

    I'll also donate:
    2 7am Plus Hi Platinum
    2 Derby Extra

    Please PM me the address to send these to.

    Thanks so much!

    -Joe ​
  6. BigFoot

    BigFoot Moderator Contributor

  7. On your chart, you have Iridiums listed as Zyletek -which is the Polish word for razor blades. Super Iridium blades are a Polsilver brand from Gillette/PPI/Wizamet. :wink2:
  8. Would like to try:

    2 PermaSharps & 2 Kai's

    Will Trade:

    2 Persona Lab Blues & 2 Rapiras, Sweedish Supersteel

    Will donate a tuck of Treet Durasharps. Thanks guys.
  9. Looks like I missed the Kais.

    I would like to try:

    2 Gillette Goal
    2 Gillette 7 O'clock Blue

    In exchange for:

    2 Personna Lab
    2 Shark Super Stainless

    And donating 7 PAL DE blades to Paul. (Paul, if you don't like PALs, I'll send you GEMs instead.)
  10. PM's sent for new requests
  11. :clap:Justin you ROCK!
  12. What a great service you are providing! Thanks to both plpenn and maxzoran!!! I mean, Justin and Paul!!
    I have been wanting to try the yellows and the personnas forever.

    I would like to try:

    2 Gillette 7oclock yellow
    2 Personna Med
    2 Personna Lab
    2 Personna Red

    In exchange for:
    8 Feathers

    I would also like to donate:
    4 Treet Dura Sharps
    4 Derbys
    4 Dorco Platnum 300s

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  13. Nah...I just deal with data entry/tracking a lot as my career so I've made it pretty easy on myself.
  14. I konw very little about blades, think of me more as a middle man. I take peoples word at what they send in and hold it until someone else asks for it. I have only used 3 or four different types of DE blades (heck I have not even used a DE razor in at least 2 months :lol:)
  15. Are you on to str8 shaving now?
  16. Thanks for the donation of 10 Polsilvers CWX!!!
  17. I have been tinkering with them, mostly SE right now though.
  18. stock updated - see post #2
  19. Hi,

    I'd like to trade:

    2 dorco st300
    2 personna med
    2 astra superior platinum


    2 wilkinson sword
    2 kai
    2 blue birld
  20. So what do you guys think of the makeover?
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