The first razor I've bought myself in a while

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by johnmrson, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. I've been trying very hard recently to reduce the size of the razor collection, with some success I might add.
    But, when I saw this for sale in France, I knew I had to buy it. I don't know anything about it except to say it's a very unusual shaped blade. I'm looking forward to getting it and seeing if it shaves as good as it looks.

  2. Luc

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    Interesting shape! Is it written 'Sans Nom' on the blade? Are there any other markings?
  3. Niiiiiice blade. Great score!
  4. Luc

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    Mmm, I don't know if I can give you more information... The box it came in is marked "Manufrance MF" and the razor is "Sans Nom" (No Name). Other than that... Got nothing... It's funny they printed the 'Sans Nom' on it if it's a no name razor... Why bother if it doesn't have a name? Anyways, most French manufacturer would have their straights done at the forge and then they would stamp their name... This one sound like a razor that was either custom made for a client directly from the forge or the forge would sell so many razors 'no name'... Puzzled!
  5. Kentos

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    Looks like a precursor or inspiration for that SK super smiley razor.

    Really nice!

    I am curious to know if that strop is pasted, leather, etc.
  6. yeah, that's sweet!

    When you want to reduce the size of your collection by getting rid of this rusty old thing, I'm there for you, my brother!
  7. Manufrance (MF is used as a logo) is a large French catalog mail order company that has been in business since 1888.
    All their products are made and re-labeled for them by outside manufacturers. Their products are supposed to be of good quality.
    The razor looks something like an Ern Ator, but who knows.
  8. Very nice!
  9. Very cool razor. It's shaped like Sideshow Bob's foot :D
  10. mdunn

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    I saw that one. Nice!
  11. professorchaos

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  12. Lovely lines, I also love the case with strop and all.
  13. Wid


    Congrats John, very nice.
  14. something from yesteryear. Congrats on something very unique.
  15. Well I'm very embarrassed to say that it's taken me a little over three years to finally get to this razor in my "to do" pile.
    I've given it a gentle run on the buffer and honed it on a progression of Shapton Ceramic Pro stones. It's now sitting waiting for tomorrows shave.

    $2015-09-06 16.25.05 (2).jpg
  16. It was well worth the wait. That thing is gorgeous.
    On the tang we can see the MF logo, which identifies it as an early model.
    Manufrance was not a regular mail order catalog. They actually made their product. The name stands for Manufacture de France and was proudly boasting in the late 70ies to be the last manufacturing company left in france... then they closed down...
  17. Cool razor!
  18. Can't wait to hear about the shave.
  19. Mango

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    Beautiful blade

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