The Contour might suck

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by yaderhey, May 6, 2011.

  1. My first two shaves with the GEM Contour have been the two worst SE shaves I've had so far.

    I don't understand why that would be, but I cut myself more and irritated myself more than with any other SE razor I've tried.

    Next up, Featherweight and G-Bar.
  2. I have a Contour and it shaves great for me and my g/f loves it. It's actually hers, well that's what she told me.

    I'm not sure which Contour you have, some are different looking. Mine is the shape of a Contour II, but has a push button and more metal than plastic on the handle.

    The Featherweight looks like a cheap little thing, but it was my favorite SE for a while. It was just as good as my old Junior, only not as loud. LOL

    So far every Gem I've used gave a really nice shave.
  3. I like the FW as well.
  4. Sounds like you have the original Contour. It is better constructed that the Contour II. I actually like the original Contour.


    A few thoughts: Lighten your pressure. Even if you feel you are using no pressure, still use less pressure. Also, try adjusting the blade angle until you find the position that's right for you. Sometimes the "head flat on the face" angle does not work well for everyone, sometimes it does. Some prefer an angle where the head is slighty raised up.
  5. This is definitely the Contour I.

    Funny, because I've been getting excellent shaves with the Junior, OCMM, Bullet Tip and Push Button.

    It's just this Contour that has bad so far.
  6. one thing to keep in mind is that any razor can be damaged in ways hard to detect. i've had razors that i thought were terrible until i tried another of the same model.

    if you want to like the contour, i'd suggest finding another one and comparing. they're not expensive....and you might just find you've been shaving with a lemon. it happens.
  7. I tried the Featherweight this morning and had decent-to-good results (though I gave the new blade four hand strops -- don't know if that matters).

    I will finish my rotation of all my new SE razors tomorrow or Monday with the G-Bar. Then I think I'll circle back to the OCMM and stay there for a while.

    Thus far, the Contour is my least favorite of the bunch.

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