The BullGoose "Boutique" Coming Soon

Discussion in 'BullGoose Shaving' started by BullGoose, May 22, 2012.

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    I just signed a lease for a new commercial space and once I am settled in, local customers will be able to come in, by appointment, if they wish. More news will be forthcoming but, the new place will be located at 2370 West Carson Street, Suite 140 in Torrance, CA.

    I will still primarily be an on-line shop and do not have the manpower (or capital) to run it as a true retail shop. That said, I will be able to provide pick-up service and/or a quick tour.
  2. Good luck with the physical space, hope everything goes well for you.
  3. Roadtrip!!!!!!
  4. Congratulations, Phil! That seems like a dream come true.
  5. Great idea. I'm jealous of the locals!
  6. Please send me a ticket....I'll spend 2x the cost of the ticket in your store.
  7. BullGoose

    BullGoose Vendor

    Thanks guys. I am a little anxious but I am definitely looking forward to it.
  8. You're opening yourself up to having a van full of B&Bers pawing and sniffing all your goods, Phil.
  9. Congrats Phil, you deserve it. Your service is top notch and you certainly have enough selection to fill a retail space. When I make my first trip to Cali, I'll be sure to stop in.
  10. Hey, according to google Cleveland to Torrance is not that bad of a road trip. Ok B and B, I will stop for an hour in Joplin, then it is Westward Ho!
  11. BullGoose

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    :scared: Yikes!
  12. Congrats, Phil! And best of luck!
  13. Great News! See you soon:thumbup1:
  14. jmg


    Best of luck Phil.

  15. Congratulations BullGoose! I'll have to make an appointment sometime and come on in. I've always wished there were a "real" shaving supply store that was local, so that I could smell before buying. Too bad you're not closer to the "The Valley." But that's cool. That's what all our damn freeways are for, right?

    Again, congratulations and don't be too anxious. Just stay positive and keep moving forward.
  16. BullGoose

    BullGoose Vendor

    Thanks guys. Progress is being made. I met with the alarm guy yesterday and will have shelving and office furniture delivered next week. :thumbup:
  17. B&B Carpool
  18. oh yea, i live right next to there- is this for sure----------- send out PMs-- are you going to have an opening day 50% sale for your local bros,especially IF the bros name is PHIL too
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  19. Road trip indeed! Hmm, Disneyland, Bullgoose, Disneyland, Bullgoose. Tough choice here. BOTH!
    Through hard work, I wish you great health & prosperity. Congrats & My best to you!
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  20. That's awesome. Too bad I am on the other side of the country or else I would be heading there now. You have always been a pleasure to do business with online and I wish you all the success that you can have.

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