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  1. After reading almost all the reviews about aftershave balms I am confused. Some of you say TGR, others Weleda, others Hydrolast Shaving Balm etc. Sometimes, the same reviewer put a brand of ASB on the top of his list only to change his mind after a while and found the shaving Nirvana with other.
    So, gentlemen, which is the best aftershave balm out there?
    PS: price is not a criteria.
  2. if I had to throw all my ASB's away and keep just one, it would be Nivea Extra Soothing.
  3. QED Patchouli/Tea Tree/Peppermint. Its < $10.
    I also like T&H 1805....the pump bottle is unique and it smells good.
  4. Speick by a country mile.
  5. I'm not a big fan of saying one particular product is "the best" but I'll give my trifecta for balms:

    The Gentlemen's Refinery Standard
    Proraso Liquid Cream
    Musgo Real
  6. Stuck on a Desert Island, I would hope to have Pre De Provence AB on hand.
    WoW :drool: just a great balm
  7. I usually prefer ASL to ASB.

    That being said, I absolutely LOVE the L'Occitane BAUX ASB.
  8. For cool/dry weather: CAR Hydrolast or Penhaligons

    For warm/moist weather: Wesley & Scott or GR Unscented
  9. In the words of Dr. Evil to his son Scott: "You just don't get it, do ya? You don't."

    Your confusion on this matter will not be helped by your question. That's because, one, there really is no such thing as one single "best" product of any sort, and two, nobody here would agree on it even if there was. Asking the kind of question you're asking is only inviting more of the varied responses that created your confusion in the first place. The only "best" product is the one that works best for you. Nodoby else can tell what that product is. You'll have to find out for yourself. The best we can do is tell you what we like, and why we like it. And, as you have found out, opinions change over time. You might find something you really like, and then later find you don't like it as well. Or vice versa. So, welcome to the wonderful world of wetshaving. Check your sanity at the door and have a ball.

    In my opinion, TGR is an excellent balm, but I can't handle the scent. (Yes, that also applies to the unscented version, which has a very definite product smell). Most people are OK with the scent, and if you fall into that camp, you'll probably be quite pleased with it. I think Castle Forbes makes a very good balm, a little lighter textured than many. It's quite expensive, but ounce for ounce, it's actually the same price as TGR balm. A few others worth looking into: Cade by L'Occitane; Clinique post-shave healer; D.R. Harris aftershaving milk; any of a number of scents of Truefitt & Hill balms (which I personally think are excellent, but only the cologne-scented ones, e.g., Trafalgar, West Indian Limes; the classic balm and the Ultimate Comfort balm are different, and I don't like them as well); Nancy Boy aftershave gel (technically not a balm); and Trumper Skin Foods (also technically not balms). My favorite aftershave is D.R. Harris Pink, but it's a mild splash, not a balm.
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  10. in this moment weleda after shave balm,very potent ingredients
  11. Nivea 'Sensitive'. Cheap, easy to find and better than all of the other (more expensive) balms I have tried. As ever YMMV.
  12. C.O. Bigelow sensitive. (#1200 I believe).
  13. A great, no scent balm.
  14. TGR for me, unscented version
  15. +1 This man know his aftershave
  16. Yeah, this is the one. Well said!


  17. jakespoppy

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    TGR, both scented and unscented, works best for my relatively dry skin, which is very sensitive to certain chemicals and to certain plant ingredients.

    But as has been said, opinions will vary based on personal preference. Opinions will also vary because everyone's faces, or skin types, are different. So what works very well for someone else may nor work at all for you, and vice versa. Consider the extremes - if you have oily skin, the heavy balm that provides a lot of moisturizing won't be comfortable for you, but may be the greatest product ever for someone with very dry skin. It really is best to find out why someone likes a product and if their skin type seems to match yours, not just "which one is the best".

    Good luck, and enjoy the process of finding out what works best for you!

  18. Isaac

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    Without a doubt...the best balm I have ever used was the Hydrolast Aftershave Balm. That stuff is some of the best moisturizing/protecting balms ive tried.
  19. Are you any less confused now, radus?

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