The B & B Sniper Team :-D

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by The Count of Merkur Cristo, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Dear Members:
    Did you that there is a select group of members that appreciates valuable members such as yourself? [​IMG]

    When I was notified and selected by PM (in which I was totally surprised, humbled and honored), I received (which I was totally in the dark), a really cool gift…
    the B & B Razor Case purchased by the Team from WCS. :thumbsup:

    Although I think that this Team is little known within the B & B community, I believe they want to do something good for the community by selecting members (without personal praise), who they feel should be acknowledged and ‘congratulated’ for their passion, contributions, conceptual, intellectual and topic diversification (oh yes...lest us not forget the humorous and compassionate side), framework of their threads and posted replies.

    So, keep up the good work and don’t be surprised if you are selected, recognized, appreciated and ‘gifted’ from the B & B Sniper Team!!! :a41:

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  2. Getting sniped has never been this fun.

    Knowing the amount of geniality, helpfulness, and generosity on B & B, I'd say those snipers have a full-time job. :thumbup1:
  3. That sounds awesome and congratulations to you.
  4. I knew this was the right community to be a part of.
  5. +1 (and then some)
  6. cryhavoc

    cryhavoc Contributor

    This will be the first time I've ever looked forward to being sniped
  7. I've signed up to at least 50 forums in my 10 years of the interweb.

    This forum is without a doubt filled with the kindest most distinguished gentlemen I've ever posted with :-D
  8. maxman

    maxman Moderator Emeritus

    Huzzah to those recognized and to the Sniper Team!
  9. The folks in this community are such a class act! I think that whatever the impetus behind this gesture was, it will surely, if only subliminally, have a positive affect on the level of communication on this already fine least I hope so. Kudos to you gentlemen!


  10. often imitated never surpassed....
  11. That's really awesome! Nice job and thanks very much, whomever you are!
  12. They have better eyes than I do.

  13. ide say that sums it up the best forum ive been a member of. its full very respectful members and mods. all of whom i respect very much for making B&B what it is today
  14. Wait a durn minnit....I've been sent out on snipe hunts before, and I seem to recall that it wasn't very dignified...

    But congrats on actually catching one!
  15. htownmmm

    htownmmm Moderator Emeritus

  16. Good on you! :thumbup1: Who knew? The snipers knew that's who. Congrats! Doesn't surprise me that B&B has a sniper team. The longer I'm here the more I realize how top shelf B&B really is. 1st class all the way!!:a14:
  17. Just remember.....Its not the gift you see coming you have to worry about.....Its the gift you dont see coming. :a41:
  18. I should be a sniper. This laser eye surgery is paying for itself. :biggrin1:
  19. Very cool and a fine congrats goes to you as well for being the kind of person that should be sniped!!!
  20. The B&B Sniper Team thing is very cool! As an affirmation, The Count was one of the first members here that welcomed me and answered some questions when I joined in January 2012. Way to go Count!

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