The Avengers

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  1. Saw a morning showing. Not a bad movie. I'm not a big superhero movie fan (with the exception of the Dark Knight but that's more because of Christopher Nolan than anything else), and never really got into Marvel comic books. It's a fun action movie with a lot of special effects, a few laughs, and decent performances.

    We saw it in 3D, which I didn't think added a lot to the movie.
  2. I, on the other hand, love superhero movies and just about everything Marvel. I work nights for the next week, so I'm going to have to wait to see it.
  3. We will most likely check it out next week.

  4. Just watched it today in 3d must agree 3d pop outs weren't there but depth wasn't bad, loved the movie though
  5. Where as when I see the name "The Avengers", the first thing that comes to my mind is the lovely Mrs Peel and her collection of leather catsuits...

  6. See it! I went to see it last night and it was exciting and hilarious. The audience was totally into it. With Joss Wheden writing and directing, you get plenty of action plus comedic moments, insider jokes, and excellent dialogue. You'll have to see it more than once to take it all in. I have enjoyed the Marvel movies, but this one tops them all!
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    I absolutely loved this movie! I am not a comic book guy (in fact have never read anything Marvel or DC), but I like Superhero movies.
    This one definitely is at the top of the Marvel comics, and in my opinion up there along with the Dark Knight.
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    I am not a 3d fan (cause i wear glasses, and they dont make theater glasses for people who do) but i am or was a marvel guy, was so excited to hear about this movie but then worried they would mess it up like almost all the other marvel ones, cant seem to get a dark knight quality superhero movie from marvel,... hell they arwe even rebooting daredevil I hope this one is not a let down
  9. Saw it yesterday in IMAX 3D and thought it was amazing !
    I'm turning 40 this Christmas and superhero movies like this are like a 2 hour time machine.
  10. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!:thumbup1:
  11. We just saw the movie. Man... that movie was bad-azz!!! If U like super hero action-type movie with hint of eye-candy (thanks to scarlett johansson)...then this is a must see movie. On a side note... if U watch "The Avengers" do not leave after the credits because there is a mini scene immediately after the movie credits.

  12. Saw it yesterday with my son and we enjoyed it immensely. We're still laughing about the Hulk whooping up on Loki scene. Highly recommended.
  13. My daugther loved it. A little slow in the beginning. Good movie.
  14. A little off topic, but has anyone else thought that a movie forum should be added here? There are enough movie posts to support one.

    As for me, the comic book movies are a bit overplayed for me. Whle some of the acting has been much better (see Robert Downey and Edward Norton), the plots are all the same. I will wait for the dvd release like all the others.
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    Awesome scene :lol:
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    I'm a fan of Joss Whedon more than the Avengers.
    I haven't seen it yet, but I know it'll be good!
  17. Diana Rigg. Lordy Lord!!
  18. Watched it during the weekend in 3D.
    Was good. Can't wait for the sequel...against devious T [actually loves this guy]
  19. I went to the Marvel Movie Marathon last Thursday (all 5 movies leading up to Avengers then The Avengers at midnight) and I was not disappointed at all. It was everything that I could have wanted it to be. I heard one reviewer say that if you were looking forward to this movie this summer, then you will love it, and I completely agree.

    As in regards to the 1st extra scene during the credits, I was so overjoyed. The line before he turns around gave it away, but when he did, wow! The theater that I was in must have been filled with more people that knew than didn't because there were more people cheering than not. The 2nd extra scene was just brilliant and you have to see it if you go watch the movie.

    I haven't gone a second time yet, but I know that I will.
  20. Yeah, a lot of the audiences didn't know about the second extra scene and left. I had heard about it somewhere. I'm glad we stayed to see it. So many little things in this movie made it special and superior to most comic book movies; Joss Whedon really is a fantastic writer and director.

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