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Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by MJS, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. MJS


    Does anyone use this "After Shave" witch hazel by itself as an actual after shave?

    Tonight I shaved as usual, then used the alum block, and then finished with the witch hazel. The results were excellent. Normally I would finish off with another after shave but now I really do not see the need.

    Anyone else tried this?
  2. Limey

    Limey Moderator Emeritus

    Michael - I would follow with some kind of moisturizer. The witch hazel is great stuff and alot of after shave balms do contain it. Most importantly though, if that is what works for you then stick with it.
  3. Yes, I've finished with just witch hazel (TN dickinson in my case). Not exciting enough for me.

    If its working for you, go for it :thumbup1: Nothing wrong with keeping it simple.
  4. I use witch hazel as a "wipe" once my face has dried off from the cold water splash but before I put on ASB. I find that it has a soothing effect.

    FYI, I actually use a home-made mix of witch hazel and aloe gel (2:1) with a few drops of rosemary oil: very soothing.

  5. I splash Thayers on my face after the shave, then let it dry while I clean up the bathroom. Afterwards I apply a balm. Has worked great so far. Also, Thayers is much better than Dickinson! The lack of alcohol means no sting, and the rose smells amazing.
  6. Ditto that. It's the best combo (Thayers and an A/S balm of your choice). I tried Dickinsons once, and only once, and promptly dumped it. Couldn't stand that smell. (like cat pee,:ohmy: :ohmy: or something)
  7. ouch

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    I use Thayer's right after the cold water splash as a first line of defense. It tones and soothes, smells nice, and is dirt cheap and lasts a very long time, especially when applied with an atomizer.
  8. MJS


    Great posts! I think I'll stick with my normal routine then and continue to follow with an AS after the Thayers.
  9. Same first name? Same Initials? Same aftershave? Are we the same person???!!!

    Seriously though.


    I use the same thayers product after every shave. I wipe it on all over my face with an alcohol pad. After a short time of daily use, my skin started to look better and have less irritation. The only problem is some occasional mild dryness. This week I'm using a new shave soap and my face has been pretty dry after my shaves so I am experimenting with a little Proraso ASB after the Witch Hazel. The proraso seems pretty good and I like the scent. I do have to be carefull because ASB has given me trouble in the past with skin reactions, acne, etc.

  10. Jim

    Jim Moderator

  11. Anyone know where to get an atomizer that will fit the bottle of Thayers? I was going to order an HDPE bottle with one but figured I'd ask here first.
  12. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    No- I decant into smaller bottles for space savings in the shave den!
  13. This is great stuff. It is pretty much all I use unless my skin is very dry or the humidity is really low. Alcohol-Free so it doesn't dry your skin out and the Lavender version has a great fresh smell.

  14. I've used Dickenson's WH for years. Cheap, works well, and has little scent.
  15. I use Dickenson's WH and apply it with a cotton pad. I think it really cleans and refreshes the skin. What little fragrance there is fades quickly and I follow up with a wife approved aftershave balm. My skin feels great and my wife loves the fragrance. What more can I ask for?

    Now I am interestd in trying Thayer's.
  16. I use the Lavender, and find that it works very well in Denver's dry climate. Really soothes the skin, and also helps with dryness.
  17. I know I'm digging up a old thread here :smile:

    But, I was researching Witch Hazel and came across this post. It seems that the poster was asking about the Aftershave version of Witch Hazel that Thayers makes. Looking at the ingredients, it looks to have alcohol added to it.

    Anyone try it? Is it any good?

    I know I'm going to try out the Thayers stuff, seems to be popular. And if it's popular, it's probably because it works.
  18. Taz


    Good catch, I was getting ready to comment on WH but I have never tried that product I was going to say that I have limited experience with WH bought Thayers Sample pack seems to leave my skin feeling greasy not clean and crisp which is what I like before the ASB So bought Dickinsons, Seem to really like it been using about a week. Next week going to switch back to the Thayers to to be sure, But I think my winner is going to be Dickinsons
  19. Thayers is great stuff. Good enough to use as an aftershave and they have without alcohol also. I've been using it for years.
  20. If your skin is too dry you might want to use your favorite ASB and add a few drops of Thayer's to it in your hand before smoothing onto your face. It was a suggestion from Mama Bear.

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