Thailamps for Feather Blades?

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by Davis211, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Anyone ever bought Feathers from Thailamps on the Bay. Really cheap, but can they deliver?
  2. I just got my order. They seem to be the same as my other pack of Feather yellows. They come in 5-packs instead of 10, but I've seen domestic sellers offering the option of 5's and 10's before. The paper was sealed with that same waxy glue that I've only seen on Feather yellows.

    (I also want one of those lamps...)
  3. He charges the same amount ($27 delivered) as long time B&B vendor/member dridiot. Bought from dridiot many times and can say his service is excellent.
  4. I just received 100 feathers from Thailamps yesterday and just finished my first shave with a feather blade. The shave was fantastic and even though I can not compare to other feather blades these are the sharpest blade I have so I think they are the real deal.
    It delivered the smoothest ATG pass I have ever experienced, absolutely no tug!
    They came in 20x 5-packs. Wish I had 600 of these instead of the Sharks I have ;). The Shark is a very good blade too!
    So yeah, Thailamps delivered for me.
    I did not know about dridiot but my next purchase will probably be from him since he is a vendor/member as Face&Head points out.
  5. +1 for dridiot. Might as well support a fellow B&B-er when possible.
  6. I thought I would post regarding my experience with Thailamps. 16 days from order to arrival in Boston (100 Feather blades). This was faster than my order from dridiot, but a sample size of one is too small to draw meaningful conclusions. More importantly, I goofed on my original order with Thailamps and they were very gracious about helping me back out of it on Ebay. So I then placed the order correctly and had a good experience.

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