ted pella carbon steel injector blades question

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  1. I've had a few people tell me not to buy the ted pella carbon steel injector blades (but instead to buy the stainless steel ones).
    But no one has told me why specifically. So WHY?

    I'm talking about the injector blades on this page:

    Thank you,
  2. They rust very quickly
  3. There are some who dip their razors in alcohol after each shave and supposedly dodge the rust thing, but it doesn't seem like a sure thing to me.

    Also, do you really want to buy a qty of 500?

    - Chris
  4. Actually yes - I'm interested in buying them for environmental reasons, since they don't include tons of dispensers I don't need and don't want to throw away.
    I would probably prefer to buy less than 500 at a time but haven't found another source of injector blades without dispensers.

    Do you know of any other?

    Yeah I guess I would prefer blades that don't rust as easy but I might be willing to try the alcohol method if I can't find another source.
  5. Actually - does anyone know if the dispensers that the ted pella's come in are all metal? (it looks like plastic to me).
    Or does anyone know of another brand that sells with all metal dispensers?
    I wouldn't feel so bad about throwing them away if they were all metal.
  6. Those are uncoated blades they'll have the same sort of edge as a paint scraper, you wouldn't want to shave with them.
  7. Good to know. Yeah I wont be buying them then :).
    Thanks for letting me know.
  8. In answer to your question about the dispensers, if they're like the ones from EMS, it's a cosmetic plastic cap on a metal dispenser.

    I chose to get mine from Electron Microscopy Sciences since they'll ship UPS ground. I understand that Pella does FedEx with signature requirement.

    - Chris
  9. Thanks for the post. Didn't know there was anywhere else to go.

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