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  1. I have been DE shaving for about 5 or 6 weeks now and have been going back and forth between the Merkur 34C and a few vintage Techs. I have tried the Techs with the vintage Fat handle, ball end handle and a new SS iKon Bulldog handle. I seem to get less irritation and a closer shave with the Merkur 34C every time. For some reason, I just can't seem to work the Tech just right. I have mainly been using Astra SP blades after moving on from the Merkurs.

    Why is this?

    Is the Tech so mild that the "angle" must be perfect to get a close shave?

    I really want to make the "vintage" work but I keep going back to the modern one for the better shave.
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  2. You may have to try different blades. A mild razor like a Tech needs a sharp blade like a Feather, KAI, or Yellow Gillette. Does your tech have the triangular slots on the bottom plate? It performs slightly differently than the standard oblong slot holed Tech bottom plates.

  3. I have both but have only used the newer with the standard oblong slot. I have not had time to clean up and try the triangular slot Tech yet.
  4. The Tech is very mild. Angle must be good throughout the shave. Use a really sharp blade, and definitely fire up the triangular slotted one ASAP, as that one is slightly more aggressive.
  5. You're not alone with this experience. I got a much better shave with my 34c than with either a Tech or a Super Speed. I tried really sharp blades in the Tech, but it's such a mild razor that it just didn't do the job for me. Since I wanted to go vintage, I moved on to a Slim adjustable and never looked back. That's the best razor for me, since I can pick the right level of aggressiveness.

  6. I know I will eventually need to probably move up to something a little more aggressive, but I just don't want to go adjustable. For some reason, I am just not fond of them. Maybe it's the looks, more moving parts to fail, etc. I don't quite know why other than I just prefer the smaller, fewer parts involved, 3 piece vintage razors. I also have a long comb NEW, but I have kind of thought that may be too aggressive right now. Don't want to go too far too fast.
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    When I first started, I couldn't get a close shave with a Tech. A year or so later, I pulled it back out and was surprised how much better it had become. Since then, of the dozen new and vintage razors in my rotation, I reach for the Tech the most. Once you've got your technique down, they give an effortless and comfortable BBS shave. I find they work with most any blade for me.

    For what it is worth, I found that my shaves improved dramatically after shaving with an open combed razor for a while. I found it was easy to determine proper blade angle by looking for tracks, or better yet, lack of them, left in lather as I shaved. Once I became accustomed to holing the OC razor at the correct angle, my shaves were much better when I went back to those with a safety bar.


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