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  1. Howdy,

    Does anyone know the best places to purchase tea in San Francisco and the Bay area?

    I did find a hardware store in Japan Town that sells great cast iron pots and other accessories in the basement. Forgot the name but will follow-up and post later.
  2. There is Red Blossom Tea. I have never been to their brick and mortar store but their online customer service has been good. There is also Imperial Tea Court if you are looking to spend a ton of cash. That is about all I know. Have a good trip!
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    Ah, the best place -- well there are actually 3 different locations for drinking some excellent tea or buying tea on site is at the Samovar Tea Lounge. You're bound to enjoy the quality of tea, food, & service.
  4. Red Blossom Tea is close to North Beach so will go there after another delicious Italian dinner.

    Yes, was in The Imperial Court at the Ferry Building-good stuff, but touristry prices.

    After many years of drinking Panera's Ice Tea I have discovered just how great tea really is. Same pattern as my wet shaving after cartridge shaving for decades!

    Thanks for the infor
  5. I was just in the original Mission store area last week. My daughter took me to a ice-cream shop, Bi-rite on 18th street, last Sunday. A block long line to get into the place. (I had the Earl Gray ice-cream). Will go to Samovar...

  6. I visited Mountain view tea village a couple of months ago and bought some nice oolong tea. http://www.mvteavillage.com/

    They seemed to be a nice but maybe pricey place.
  7. Forgot to mention I was here, www.lupiciausa.com in the Westfield Mall-sorta like Teavana. They remind me of Art of Shaving stores!
  8. Did you try any of their puerh's? Website has scarce information on their offerings.
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  9. I love that place. Their salted caramel ice cream is the BEST ice cream I have ever had. One of my good friends lives right above it.
  10. No, I didn't. They had a good selection though but since I still haven't tried any puerh I had no idea what to try.
  11. Just do what Ouch would do.

    Buy one of each.

  12. Ah, if only I had the money :biggrin1:

    I should head over there and at least buy one of them though. It's a nice area so it's perfect for a Sunday trip.
  13. My daughter bought a pint of that stuff. Sounds funky, however it's incredible ice-cream! Good call
  14. I'll second Song Tea. This is a really cool little shop.

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