Taylor's Avocado goes with... ?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by kuzmo, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. Ok guys no time to loose need a decision soon. I'm going to order Taylor's Avocado shaving cream and need something what would go nicely with its scent. Something not aggressive but rather something natural scented and mild ...
  2. tequila? :biggrin1:
  3. ouch

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    I usually pair avocado with GFT's lime skin food.
  4. Hi Matus! A great compliment to Taylors avocado is Old Spice aftershave. It's very lightly scented and refreshing.

  5. old spice ... hmm ... well I can give it a try but have some kind of prejudice against Old Spice ... wouldn't it be too 'unnatural' scented? I think thet OS aftershave is not 'balm' based or is it?
  6. No, it is an alcohol after shave, but it is very nice. I used some, this morning.

  7. hmm I'm looking for something balm based without alcohol :001_unsur
  8. Proraso balm and clinique's post shave healer have a very mild scent...at least they wouldn't not go with avocado.
  9. hmm the Proraso one has an eucalyptus scent? :huh:
  10. Jim

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    The possibilitys are endless really - The B&B balm from Mama Bear is getting great reviews or the old standby is Nivea and that is widely available and inexpensive.

    Now about that avatar- How about that being the before B&B Photo! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  11. yep avatar is quite non-up-to-date.... but will provide up to date one as soon as my merkur HD arrives and take a picture (do not have camera here so it would just be a mobile snapped pic)
  12. YMMV of course, but I don't find the Proraso balm to have nearly as strong a eucalyptus scent as the Pre/Post shave - and typically the scent disappears after a half-hour or so for me. In fact, I typically have to use some kind of cologne if I want to smell like anything (I use clinique "Happy" which has sort of a subtle citrus/grapefruit smell to it.) The wife digs it.
  13. For a balm, I will second both the Nivea for Men sensitive skin formula and the Proraso Cream after shave. There is also a Nivea for Men cooling balm, but I haven't tried it, yet.

    You might also try a lime scented ASB with the avocado shave cream. You could call the result "guacamole". :biggrin:

  14. Try Baxter of California ASB. It's got a mild lime scent and similar cooling effect to Proraso, but no eucalyptus. It's one of my favorite balms altogether, and it's especially good after Taylor's Avocado.
  15. Jim

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    Most of the products that have been mentioned including the Avocado have a transitory at best fragrance, The scent will leave as the lather is rinsed away and in a few minutes will be just a memory- The same with most of the balms mentioned-If you are looking for a fragrance to follow your shave then an EDT or Cologne is what you are looking for.

    If I misunderstood your post- I am sorry- just want to help you out if I can. :thumbup1:
  16. Jim you hit the nail in the head. I am really sorry that I am not that well oriented in this matter :confused: Will do my best to get 'organised' in this stuff. All I want is something that will put my skin to a good moisturized, nicely scented status. Something like Nivea balm or lotion. So now you got me confused :confused1 As you see I like the scent of avocado or almond but doubt that there is any cologne scented that way.
  17. anyone from the UK who would know where to order Baxter of California After Shave Balm?:blushing:
  18. Hmmm.... Can't really help you on ordering in the UK much. I mean, you could order from Charles at QEDusa.com, but that would involve international shipping. Since you wouldn't have to pay VAT (right?) maybe not that much worse?

    As for scents.... Yeah, I dunno. I think Jim is right. The avocado is so mild, it doesn't linger, so you could really use anything after it. (Also, btw, it doesn't smell that much of avocados. Maybe a hint, but mostly other very green things). Just as a mood thing, though, I probably would not want to follow with anything real strong or spicy. Maybe Feather Kawna. Very mild, fades fast, but kind of herbal/medicinal, in a fresh natural kind of way that is nice after the Avocado. It is also just good stuff, if you don't need real strong moisterization.

  19. T&H West Indian Limes asb often gets the nod when I shave with the Taylor's avocado.
  20. The Proraso ASB doesnt contiain Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil), Menthol, Eucalyptol or Camphor. These are all of the ingredients in the shaving cream (green tube) that contribute to the smell and cooling effect.

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