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  1. I was at my local flea market this morning and happened to see a box that said Taylor "Honed in Oil" on the front of it. It was almost full of small individual boxes of razor blades. Does anyone have any information on these blades? I did not get them because I did not know anything about them. If I had my camera with me, I would have taken a pic of the box.
  2. They're probably vintage carbon steel blades. I've been experimenting with the old carbons recently, and just picked up a carton of Waltham DE blades that also advertise as "honed in oil." I haven't tried them out yet, but they're on the list for debut shortly.

    I've been enjoying the tryouts as a little bit of a different shaving experience. Generally speaking, these blades tend to give me some friendly tugging on the first pass, but are notably smooth and kind during subsequent passes and touch-up. Good prep, wet lather, and "the Gillette Slide" technique are useful tips for shaving with the old carbons.

    A recent eBay auction had this picture, described as "honed in oil":


    How many were in the carton, and what was the price?
    When picking these up with intent to shave with them, one has to be careful of rust, especially since cello-wrap wasn't very common in that era.
  3. I believe it was 2 -five packs short of a full box of 100 and he asked for $15
  4. I think that's a bargain if they're in good shape, but you don't want a pile of rust of course (unless you're collecting them for display, in which case only the outward appearance would matter). I'd want to open a pack and unwrap a blade for inspection before taking home the box.

    BTW - A good carbon blade seems to prefer an open-comb razor, IME. Adventurous BOTOC members take note!
  5. I am not looking to collect any blades. I saw them at the flea market and was curious about them because I have never heard of them before. This guy is there selling all the time. I am sure they will be there if someone was looking for the blades.

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