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  1. I was reading talk of all the blade options that are offered to us these days, and I realized I personally shave with whatever blade I have at hand at the time, for many years I used Wilkinsons and Gillettes, as that was what was available at the time, since internet the world has opened up for many options in many things, and maybe we are just plain spoiled for choices now.

    So could you all make do with one option of blade (one brand) or would there be more bearded dudes running around I wonder?
  2. Niles

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    I wouldn't want to, but if I had to go with one blade it would be Gillette 7 o'clock yellows.
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  3. jtb



    But I also like the Med Prep blades too.

    There are still obviously many more for me to try though.
  4. No competition, Feathers!
  5. I could easily get along with only the Personna Medical Prep blades (or the identical-to-me Lab version). I use this as the baseline blade and have been testing a lot of vintage razors lately, so I haven't really used anything else in about 3-4 months now (except for the SEs I'm using for the GEMini event).
  6. Sure I could deal with one brand of blade.

    Unfortunately the ones available locally are pretty miserable for me.

    If that's all I could get, I would be rocking a beard.
  7. +1. I would have given up on DE shaving long ago if I hadn't gotten my blade sampler, and all I had was the drugstore brand.
  8. As I continue my journey in the world of DE, blades are attracting my attention. As I have said elsewhere, the Lord Superchrome would be my pick if I had to choose now. I have tried tesco UK personna and Wilkinson sword classics, both which did the job well, and have had two shaves with a feather, which also did a great job. I have some Treets and a Merkur to try but as of now the Lord would be it (I almost typed sheperd there. I suspect beers, gardens, summer and my new iPad may get me into trouble sometime)
  9. I could live with Personna, either the U.S.-made or the Israeli Blue. But I really like both Shark types as well.
  10. I have tested sooo many blades in my now more than 25-years wet shaving career, have testet the well known brands, the hyped blades and finally I found that I could live with any blade (more or less). But if I had only one to choose from, I would have been the Super-Max Super Stainless in the yellow-green package. I have found this blade to outperform many many "popular" blades that cost twice or triple the price with ease. And, what is also VERY important - at least for me - is that it performs in ANY DE-razor I have tested it (and that's quite a lot over the years ;o) ). Very close and clean shaves and they're cheaper than dirt.
  11. ackvil

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    Easy Personna Med or Lab blades for DE and GEM PTFF coated for SE.
  12. I got all psyched up about the Russian Voskhod blade and used this pretty much for a couple of months. Then I pulled out a Feather blade from the back of the closet one day. Hadn't used a Feather for awhile, but Oh Boy was it sharp and smooth.
    I'm tempted to start using Feathers for awhile, but what will my old pals the Voskhods think? I feel like such a flirt!
  13. There are probably 5 or 6 blades I would be fine using exclusively. None of them are available locally as far as I know, though.:thumbdown
  14. Feathers.
  15. I could get along fine with any one of these blades:

    • DE
    • Personna Med Preps or Labs
    • Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge (yellows)
    • Feathers

    • PAL blue carbon steel
    • GEM stainless steel
  16. I could live with Lord Plat's or Wilkinsons myself.
  17. after trying just about everyone out there, I was down to Feathers for Sharpness and Israeli Reds, (Personna) for best combo of smoothness and sharpness. Then I tried a blade that I never used and was astonished, it was the Korean made Dorca ST-301, Very Sharp and Very Smooth... better than the Israelis Reds, There was only highly touted blade that I didn't try, it was the rarely found, unprinted when unwrapped Kai blade from Japan. This to me is now the new standard, it allows me to do whatever I need to do, without nicks or misses. This is the only blade that obliterates all the multiple angled whiskers right under my nose.
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    I'd have a hard time with local DE blades but I'd be fine with GEM SS SE or Schick Injectors available locally.
  19. I'd probably go with souplex, if we're talking current-production.
    -- Chet
  20. Wilkinson Sword from Wal-Mart would work for me along with Derby. I am able to get both locally.

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