Talk me out of a slant razor

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  1. I've been using a DE for 10 years (minus a small affair with Injector for about 6 months)... I've never tried a slant razor, as my skin is fairly sensitive. I have used open combs, and while I will say I got a little burn from them, they never butchered my face.... The appeal of the slant for me is that my facial hair is quite coarse. I've tried to compensate for this with sharper blades (like Feathers) but they tend to irritate my face more.

    For reference I am currently using the Merkur HD 34C w/ Treet Platinums. I get good results with it, and I am not unhappy with the shave at all. I guess I am just searching for that last 5% of Nirvana....

    So will a slant work out well for me? Or I am inviting trouble? :001_unsur
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    You should get a slant.

    How did I do?
  3. I love my slant. The smoothest close shaving razor I've ever found.
  4. eezee

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    He's right.

    And he's right.
  5. get a slant...
    Same here, sensitive skin and coarse hair. I'm using Voskhod blades lately, i don;t even feel i have a blade, that's how smooth the shave is.
  6. Don't get a Slant!
    But if you won't regret it.
  7. man what can i add... oh heck just go buy one. i personally though was not a huge merkur fan. i got my ikon and it changed my view of the slant. not sure if that helps though.
  8. don't get a slant - they are dangerous, difficult to use, prone to nicking/cutting/slashing, they won't load a blade properly, you are inviting trouble.
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  10. I'll go a different route here. Don't get a slant, learn to shave the "proper" Gillette way and you get the main benefits of a slant out of any razor.

    $1930 NEW.jpg
  11. I would never try to talk ANYONE out of buying a slant razor.

    I am a big fan of them!
  12. $Robin-Thicke-I-Know-You-Want-It-Blurred-Lines.gif
  13. Go ahead, get a slant. You know you want one. The only way you will know if its for you is to try one If you find that it isnt for you, you'll be able to see it for a good price on BST and your be better for the experience.
  14. I'd talk anybody out of an R41
  15. Unleash the hidden power of your 34c by following Porter's suggestion. You will be glad you did.
  16. ouch

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    Okay, so far you need a

    open comb slant
    gold plated slant
    heavy duty slant
  17. Get a slant.
  18. I think the Merkur 37c slant is the smoothest razor in the world but it is very efficient also. So your coarse beard would not be a problem.
    Great razor and it has a large following.

  19. ok ok. I'll get one. Any recommendations besides the 37C?
  20. Hey Alex, was that after your shave today?
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