Tabula Rasa

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  1. After hearing about the "best kept secret" of the shaving world there was no way this cream would escape my grasp for long. So I reached out and grasped my mouse and ordered a tub of the Vetiver/Tangerine. I opened it immediately upon arrival on Friday and gave it a good whiff. Nice exotic scent, but not overpowering. Good start but it hat to wait until now for a lather and shave.

    It whipped up a nice lather easy enough, I used a scoop that was about 1.5 almond sized with my Colonel and off we went. It's rather thick for a cream so scooping it into my bowl seemed the way to go, as opposed to the dip/swirl load.

    The first pass felt a little rough with my two day old beard and a Bolzano in my EJ89 that was on use #5 but with a little extra care and that first pass done with, each subsequent pass was silky smooth. Finished off with some DR Arlington splash and I feel damn fine now.

    Still only one shave but this cream does seem like a winner.
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  2. I let mine dry a bit and use it as a soap. Its a border line soap-cream but as with the others like Cella I let the dry up a bit. The stuff is amazing but won't rebuy.
  3. Tabula Rasa..wasn't that a failed MMO? :lol:

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