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  1. Gents,

    Can any one give an opinion on Tabula Rasa shave creams. Lee's site has some new intriguing scents and I would like some input before I put in an order.

  2. Prof. Moriarty

    Prof. Moriarty Steward

    I found the Tabula Rasa creams to be excellent. However the Mandarin & Vetiver scent was so polarising that I couldn't use it very much (did not like the combination). The performance was top notch though.
  3. I have the TR dark lavender and another scent on the way this week. Some people have had issues lathering it (apparently) but I've experienced no problems with it either face lathering or in a bowl. I get an excellent, dense lather and superb skin care with it. Very good stuff, IMO.
    BTW, I'm a big fan of the dark lavender scent, it's one of my favorites.
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  4. Isaac

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    i had the original mango unscented. it was a great performing cream.
  5. Same here but now I am intrigued again by the Light Cream scent.
  6. Prof. Moriarty

    Prof. Moriarty Steward

    Can you elaborate on the scent? Have always wondered what Dark Lavender smells like.

    Wonder what it smells like. Glad to hear they are trying new smells.
  7. I have and use the TR Mandarin & Vetiver with Patchouli on the way...This is a top notch performer IMO producing slick, rich, creamy, protective lather and has plenty of good stuff for your skin. I'm a face latherer and have never had an issue lathering this product. I actually enjoy the Mandarin/Vetiver scent as it is not a smoky scent but rather that of fresh cut grass with a citrus undertone. Looking forward for the Patchouli to arrive
  8. I had success with the tangerine and vetiver also. But, it is seriously scented. It hangs on your face for a while. I would expect the others to also.
  9. Sorry, I can't really be much help on this as my nose isn't too sophisticated but it's a top scent for me. Best I can do is that it's not a bright clean lavender scent, maybe a deeper, dirtier scent. I just probably killed TR sales with that description, lol.
  10. Olibanum and Light Cream are the two that caught my eye.
  11. I emailed Lee about the Light Cream scent and he told me that it has a "slight, distant Milk of Flowers scent" and that "if you like sublety, you will really love this stuff"....hopes this helps some folks out.

    Thanks Lee!
  12. I noticed on fb that Lee is having a Father's Day sale (coupon code DAD2013) for 20% off I believe. I wonder if the Tabula Rasa creams qualify. I know that the SMN stuff doesn't.

  13. Prof. Moriarty

    Prof. Moriarty Steward

    I wish Tabula Rasa made a citrusy cream. Emailed them about it but haven't heard back yet.
  14. The Dark Lavender is my favorite shaving cream ever. I get consistently great shaves with it and the smell is fantastic. It's like a very strong and deep lavender smell - nothing light about it at all. I would hesitate to call it "dark," though, but it is intense. The cream itself is superb - slick and protective but not greasy - and lathers like a champ.

    I'm curious about the new scents, though. Olibanum (incense) really caught my eye and I'm hearing great things about patchouli although I'm sensitive to patchouli (in that a little bit goes a long way on me and I'm afraid I wouldn't like it). I tried the Mandarin & Vetiver and didn't care for it (although it performed just fine) and the same with Tea (cardamom & bergamot).

    So, I'm posing the question here - wondering if there's any feedback on the SCENTS of these. I have no doubt that they are excellent performers but what about the scent? Any opinions?
  15. I received a tub of the Olibanum (frankincense) as a b-day gift a week and a half ago. I've used it every day since. Fantastic stuff with a strong, wonderful scent that fills the bathroom and lingers. I shower after shaving and I'll still catch a slight whiff of it while driving into work. Smells like the incense used in churches. I highly recommend both for it's great scent and great performance.
  16. sarimento1

    sarimento1 Contributor

    i can agree that the lavender is great; creates awesome lather! and i'm curious about the frankincense, although admittedly, i've not spent much time in church recently!

    $tabula rasa merkur floid sep 4 2013-7415.jpg
  17. I realize the thread is a bit old but been unable to find anything more recent, Sarimento, but I'll keep searching...

    I am after a soap whose scent is close to the C&S Frankincense and Mirrh EDT: is Olibanum the one? :huh:
  18. sarimento1

    sarimento1 Contributor

    Maybe Calani Dubai?

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  19. You mean it'd have been that easy? :ohmy:

    Thank you Sarimento! :001_smile
  20. Can anyone comment on the scent strength of the Calani? The descriptions are intriguing.

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