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Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by Leisureguy, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. I hadn't even known that Tabac made an aftershave. Just ordered some, and now I can have an all-Tabac shave (well: soap or shaving cream and aftershave). Have any of you tried the Tabac aftershave?
  2. 27 years ago I wore it when i got married, seemed to work well they have been the best 27 of my life. I till love the after shave too :), I do not use it often these days however it will be a scent that I always have.

  3. I've used it on and off over the last year. It's pretty strong for an a/s, with quite a bit of staying powder. Smells very much like the soap, and has a powdery finish. I prefer it in the cold season -- bit too strong for the Summer. I think there's also a cologne, but that would seem redundant given the staying power of the a/s.
  4. I seem to recall someone here saying the A/S is not as good as the EdT so I got the EdT and love it. Is your perception different?
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    Tabac Aftershave. :thumbup1:
  6. I haven't tried the EdT -- only the A/S. I just can't imagine wearing any cologne when I use the Tabac A/S, as it tends to last all day.
  7. Extremly powerful stuff. The scent on me lasted ALL day. I loved it but, SWMBO and one of my students had an allergic reaction. Gone away is the Tabac :cursing: :incazzato
  8. Michael, it's one of my favourites, and is definately my wife's favourite on me. What's said above is right thouh, stronger with more staying power than most.
  9. Michael they have regular, mild, soft and an ASB.
    EDC's, soap, bath gel., deorderant etc.
    Try German they have a good list of products to include spieck and 4711. Prices seem a bit steep to me but the one time i've called them the phone girl didn't know the answer but went to find out.
  10. has the highest prices, by far, I've ever seen for Tabac and 4711. Check out for both, although I think Tabac EDC is out of stock right now.
  11. regularly use the soap, edt, deodorant. Gotta love those old school manly scents.
    would be cool nice to see a shower gel or body soap.
  12. I love the Tabac A/S!! :thumbup:
  13. I really liked it, but SWMBO disagreed....sold it off to MikeR awhile back.
    +1 on the staying power......I've never used another A/S that had the scent last as long. Musgo Real comes close.
  14. Awesome stuff, wearing it right now. Scent just the same as the soap and EdC. Leaves the skin feeling great and very minimal burn. When I use Tabac, I go for the trifecta and use all three together.
  15. To me, the Tabac A/S is the real Tabac scent. I also use the EDC, but its not as good as the A/S. Great stuff :thumbup:

  16. So.....I ordered some Tabac A/S to go along with my shave cream, shave soap, and EdC. I also ordered the stick deodorant. Do they make toothpaste???????
  17. +1 on all of this. I don't really like it.
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    I agree with all of this - I seldom use my Tabac (soap or A/S) in the summer.

    Also, when I asked about Tabac while in Europe last year, the shop girl asked if I was buying it for my father/grandfather - so its definitely considered a scent for older gentlemen.
  19. Well, Tabac's been around since 1959, so it doesn't surprise me that a younger person would have smelled it on his/her father or grandfather.

    In fact, my father used it when I was growing up in the '60s, and still uses it today. Which must be one reason why I use it -- in fact, I put some on this morning.

    I don't have the sense, expressed by others, that it's on the strong side, but I use it pretty sparingly. I do love the scent (and women in my "age range" seem to love it too! :wink: )

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