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  1. Hey folks! Been thinking about getting into straight razor shaving, and decided to pick up a razor at a local antique type shop. They actually have a few relatively cheap (15 bucks) so I grabbed this one. Anyone know anything about the brand? History? Is it a good razor? Any and all information appreciated! Thanks.

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  2. It's a good razor.

    T. Hessenbruch & Co.
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    1873 - 1906

    H. Hessenbruch & Co.
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    1906 - 1926

    Importers of fine German hardware, cutlery, guns, (and razors). The family moved to Pennsylvania from Prussia in the mid 19th century. The company was started by Theophilus Hessenbruch and run by his son Thomas until 1890. Thomas' son Herman then took over.

    Some records state that the company was in business only until 1906. However advertising records show that the company was still in business until 1926. Several brands were changed to H. Hessenbruch after 1890 when Herman took over the company. Some records claim that razors were re-branded in 1890. Some claim 1906.

    For a reason that I don't know Hessenbruch used the bear symbol from the coat of arms of the English Earl of Warwick as a hallmark.
  3. I had a razor from that brand and it was a great shaver. Looks like you did really well for $15. Get that thing shave ready and let us know how it performs for you!
  4. Thanks for the info guys. After skimming the forums for a bit it looks like I should pick up the other 2 razors down there. They've got a Wade and Butcher and another called "Keystone" I think, stamped York, PA. I live in Pennsylvania so its kinda cool to see these PA
  5. Agreed, both of those should be good buys at $15 if the condition is good.
  6. $15 for the razor was a very good buy. Good eye.
  7. If they're also $15 you may want to pick them up, unless the condition is really bad (i.e. badly, chipped edge, cracks, etc)
  8. So, admit it... How many other people checked Garlisk's profile to see where that "local antique" store might found? I know I did!

    Good buys. Good thing you don't live in Flagstaff, Garlisk. :)
  9. Hahah! I actually thought about that, but I don't think it would help very much. Lots of such stores around where I am...though I have never enjoyed them in my younger years, I now have something to look for!
  10. Hi Garlisk, I too am a fellow Pennsylvanian. I have a Hessenbruch but with an Ivory covered tang , the Keystone , which I bought as well because it's Pa. and several others for this very reason and have a mess of W&Bs. You should enjoy them all.
  11. Other 2 razors are in another thread now. Apparently I did not see a W&B...or at least it wasn't there this time.:001_unsur Anyway, I'm excited and also slightly terrified at trying straight razor shaving.

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