Synthetic Brush Vs Badger

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Caffrey, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. I’ve heard arguments that some synthetic brushes outperform traditional badger brushes. I have never used a synthetic brush, but the arguments for them make a lot of sense. It seems logical that a brush engineered to create shaving lather might outperform animal hair engineered to suit a badgers needs. Don’t get me wrong. The properties of badger hair make it great for use in shaving brushes. That doesn’t mean it can’t be improved on.

    Anyone have thoughts or comments? Anyone have experience with synthetic brushes?
  2. I just got one of The Body Shop synthetic ones today actually, only becuase it was only $5.50, half price with the purchase of some cologne I'm trying from there. I'm excited to try it, out of the package, err off the shelf it feels very soft on the tips, and I think it will be nicer than the Omega boar that I just got yesterday too (still needs to be broken in). I'll have to use them for a few days to really know, but I think I will still be liking my EJ BBB best, followed by the synthetic (doesn't seem like it will hold as much water), followed by the boar one. I would like to get my hands on an EJ synthetic, I've seen good things on here about them.
  3. I own the Edwin Jagger synthetic brush and the Rooney Emillion. Both are excellent. I like the EJ's because they dry quickly, are the perfect size for a small brush, and do a decent job of making lather. The Emillion makes lather much quicker, and is really a joy to use. The EJ's have a more utilitarian feel to them, the Emillion is pure luxury. Synthetic brushes can never be as dense as a badger brush, so they may seem a bit floppy to some. The EJ is stiff at the base but soft at the tips, so it is semi-floppy. In spite of it's semi-floppiness the EJ is an excellent soap brush.

    Does the Edwin Jagger (rumored to be one of the best, if not best synthetic brushes out there) outperform Badger? Not in my opinion. But they are a nice addition to the collection, make excellent travel brushes, and are the perfect option for those who disavow animal products.

    If I could only buy one brush, it would be the Emillion.
  4. Lots of things are engineered to take the place or perform like its organic counterparts.
    Titanium hips come to mind. Ask Bo Jackson which is best.:001_rolle
  5. I have used synthetic brushes for a year, trying the Body Shop, Men-U Premier, and the Jack Black brush. Of the three, the Jack Black was the best. A few weeks ago I purchased a custom Shavemac finest 45 mm loft, 20 mm knot brush. The difference is quite remarkable. I really wanted to like the synthetics, but have to admit they do not perform like a badger brush. I haven't tried the EJ synthetic, so can't say how it might compare, but the others were either too stiff (Body Shop), too floopy (Menu-U) or HUGE because of the density (Jack Black). The Shavemac is super, but I am also waiting to receive a Rooney Heritage stubby 2 and will be interested to see how it does...
  6. I see that Taylors have a (relatively new) synthetic brush. It costs £35 in the UK. It is incredibly soft! I didnt buy one though.


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