Surrey Shave Soap?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Sterling Cooper, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Anyone know anything about it? A puck, a little dinged up but still in the original wrap, was included in a mixed ebay lot. It's small, stout little puck--tan colored. It's definitely not the clear--neutrogena looking--glycerin bar that I found with a google search. The lot was ancient, so this puck could be decades old.
  2. Pretty sure Surrey was the old name for VDH or something like that. Not sure if the puck is the same formula as current VDH though...I think it may be different.
  3. Correct, Surrey was the old name for Van Der Hagen. If my memory of things I read in the past is correct, the formula is identical, or very similar to the current offering.

    I will get to the test the Surrey soon, as I have a couple of pucks headed my way via a trade. :w00t:
  4. You should have them pretty soon John.
    I used a Surrey puck and made Surrey Spice.
    same as Van Der Spice!
    For me, it lathers far better than what I was able to get with Williams!
  5. The older Surrey soap contained lanolin... at least the pink version did. They dropped the lanolin a year or two ago in favor of shea butter.

  6. Here's a pic of it taken out of its original cellophane wrap. The scent is a musky leather. Although I'm not sure if that's intentional or a byproduct of age.

  7. Looks tallowy. Wonder if Surrey was a tallow soap back in the day?
  8. Too late for today (mmmmmm Grafton), but I'll shave with it in the morning. Will report back when it's done.
  9. how'd that soap go? haha
  10. NyquistRate

    NyquistRate Contributor

    He'll tell you tomorrow. Bwahaha!
  11. Here's my vintage puck of Surrey. Unfortunately there is no ingredient list. I don't think it was required back then :(


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