Superiority of Cast Iron

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  1. Of all the skillets, I've tried. Cast Iron is my favorite by far.

    My teflon cookware sticks and is hard to take care of so as to not scratch the coating. When things stick, you can't scrape the heck out of it like you can with cast iron.

    My cast iron is really good at avoiding sticking...just a little butter in the bottom is enough to perfectly fry eggs.

    Does anyone else appreciate cast iron as much as I do?
  2. saf


    I am a fan. my wife wouldn't let me fire the cleaner that put my small skillet in the dish washer, but I should have.
  3. Cast iron is my favorite! Just more proof that sometimes old school is MUCH better!

  4. Cast Iron is where it's at. I haven't tried to make eggs in one, as we only have big ones. are there 8" cast irons?
  5. I love cast iron and with the exception of some stainless steel pots it's the only cookware I use. I have skillets devoted to specific jobs., I use an old 8" for eggs only a 10 and 12 inch for most other frying/sautéing jobs, a beastly coal black 90 year old chicken fryer with lid that was passed down from my grandma to my mom and now me and another 8" exclusively for small batches of cornbread.
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  6. Try a yard sale. Tons of em.

    I fry eggs in my 12" every morning.

    I still prefer my tin lined French copper saute pans for a lot of cooking, but you can't use one of those as a broiler pan like a good ol' cast iron.
  7. +1
  8. As a side note,Iron deficiency has been rampant in our U.S population the past few decades.
    Guess why,You get alot of trace iron when cooking with cast Iron,great stuff.
  9. Its not a skillet unless its cast iron.
  10. I have cast iron in the kitchen. SWMBO and I have a nine inch square Lodge skillet that is our go to pan.
  11. I have a 6 inch skillet dedicated to frying two eggs. Perfect size for that! But I'll also fry eggs in the 10 inch Lodge, or on the two burner cast iron griddle, or on the 12 inch pancake griddle. It's all good. Tonight's dinner was cooked in a 4 quart cast iron pot.

    Teflon has proven to be crappy for frying, and it's not because of the non stick properties of it. When using heat that's more a low saute setting, it tends to deteriorate and wind up in the food. Then in you. There are other nonstick surfaces that are in use, but people tend to call them Teflon. They actually work better and are safer.
  12. I have a 6" 12" and 14" as well as a griddle. Nothing beats cast, just wish it wasnt so damn heavy
  13. Ha. My French copper stuff is way heavier. No way I get anyone to clean that after cooking.
  14. Glad I am not the only one!
  15. jwhite

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    Also a huge fan for everything but stock pots and saute. Cast iron is a part of every hot meal here.
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    Nothing cooks better than well seasoned cast iron. I have a 5" an 8" a 10" and two 14"s, one of which was my Great Grandfathers from when he was a cook in Little Italy, NYC. My 85 year old Grandmother sent it to me this past summer, I use it several times a week.
  17. We are looking to make the switch to cast iron. I like the idea of garage sales and the swap meet - will definitely start looking in the spring when the garage sales start up again.
  18. Funny I just saw this thread... I bought a cast iron grill pan just last week. It's SO much easier to cook steak on than stupid non-stick pans.
  19. I have a big cas iron wok but rarely use it as things stick way to much in it.

    I use very little oil - something like a litre per year to save on the kJ.
  20. I'm sick and tired of my crap teflon thingy I use now, any hint to which brands to look for?

    I'll check out used as well. Got to have a good skillet..

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