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  1. OK so here is what I understand the range to be. Anyone got any comments - how do they compare

    Blue Diamond Titanium
    Super Platinum
    Super Stainless (blue packs)
    Super Stainless (green packs)
    Stainless (orange/yellow packs)
  2. Super Platinums are really good. I tried Titaniums the other day and I was very unimpressed. I'll have to try them in my 15c once it comes in
  3. It gets more and more confusing, I think they have recently changed the packages.
    It is said the super stainless in green packs, that say super stainless on the blades, are the blue diamond packs.
    And the ones in the blue orange packs are the old super stainless in the blue packs, that only say stainless on the blade.
    At least that is what is said in these threads

    It is said that the ones that say super stainless on the blades are better then the ones that only say stainless on the blades. Or that they are actually the same blade.
    I use the blue pack super stainless that only say stainless on the blade and I like them, but I am going to compare them to the green pack that say super stainless on the blade.
    And then I'll have to find out if the old blue pack is really the blue orange pack and the green pack is really the blue diamond titanium
  4. anyway here is what fatboyslimfast has concluded

    Garbe - it seems in order of quality (low-high), it goes:
    Blue / Blue/Orange Super Stainless
    Green/Yellow Super Stainless = BlueDiamond Titanium
    Super Platinum

    although I think some prefer the super stainless over the super platinum
  5. I have found I really like the Green/yellow Super Stainless, but the Blue Diamonds tear me up. I like the Platinums just ok, but have not used the Super Platinums.

    The "Super Stainless Greens" I have acquired are not great. I find them to be quite rough.
  6. Sounds like the Green/Yellow and Blue Diamonds are not the same then!

    And, oh yes, there are also the new Super Stainless Green
    Judging from the picture on the box, they say "super stainless" on the blade, but "Super-Max" is in different letters then on the green-yellow packs. Compare them here
    and here
  7. I just tried the Super Platinums and liked them very much! Just to add to the confusion, I have a 5 pack of brown stainless blades (not super stainless) on it's way soon
  8. I can't swear to, it, but they are not the same for me.

    Also, the "Green" blades actually have "Super Stainless Green" printed on the them. They are definitely not the same as the Super Stainless.

    Super Max is definitely a very confusing brand. I once bought a can of Super Max shave foam- made in Canada for Super Max of Mexico. Kinda weird. Smelled "spicey" like oregano or something.
  9. I am familiar with the Super Max Titaniums that are sold in the US by Razor Blades & More, and they are just great, super blades -- sharp, smooth and very silky. I have also heard that the Platinum blades are the top of the Super Max line, but at Razor Blades & More, the Titanium blades sell for quite a bit more. Supposedly, the Titanium blades are made from Swedish steel in a state of the art factory, but who knows, right?!
  10. Doesn't seem too expensive for being rare, new and highly rated.

    How is the Super Max brand in general? At first (with these green/yellow etc.) I thought these were Gillette 7 o'clocks, now I'm totally confused!

    Kinda seems like the UK version of Personnas!! Another confusing as hell brand!
  11. Super Max super stainless in the green yellow packs are highly spoken of.
    Super Max Stainless are usually not so highly spoken of.
    Then there is super stainless in the blue packs that only say stainless on the blade, I guess they are just the stainless blades in a different packaging. I have used them for years and they work fine for me.
    Then there is platinums which I read many people don't like, and super platinums which most people do like.
    And there is the new super stainless green and the titanium blue diamond.
    Overall I think the Super-Max blades are considered to be good for their price. They are cheap!
  12. cryhavoc

    cryhavoc Contributor

    I am using a Super Max Super Platinum right now and enjoying it @ 4
  13. Picked up 240 Platinums (not Super Platinum) on the 'Bay cheap last year. Good blades. Feel harsher (but NO razor burn) than my Astra SP's, but they seem to give me a closer shave. Me likey.
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  14. Are the Platinums and Super Platinums the same blade?
  15. I have not used both, but it appears they are different.
  16. Totally different blade.....the Plat are just kind of meh...the the Super Platinum I think is one of the best blade around regardless of price....I love them and razor blades and more has them cheap.....

    The only other blades I like better are the Iridium supers and Gillette blacks...and that....not by a high margin....for the price best blade bargain on the market.

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