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  1. Hey all,

    I am buying my brother a knife for a gift and want to spend around 75 bucks. He likes both fixed and folders and some brands he already owns are gerber, benchmade and spyderco. I used to be into knives but have gotten side tracked with guns and straight razors so I am looking for some suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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    I have been really impressed with my SOG Twitch XL, range from $55 to $75 depending on where you find one. I use mine daily for anything from stripping wire, to punching starter cuts in sheetmetal ductwork. I've had it for almost 6 months now, it's still functioning perfectly.
  3. Grohmann Knives, ESEE Knives
  4. I'll second ESEE, and add Becker, and Ranger. Any particular use for the knife, or do you just want to get him something purely as a gift?
  5. Spyderco Delica.
  6. I'm looking hard at the ESEE knives for myself. Not sure what I'd get, though.
  7. ESEE for fixed, but not going to be $75.
    Cold Steel Recon is a nice folder right in that price range.
  8. Benchmade griptillian or a Delica.
  9. Yeah its just purely a gift! Thanks for the suggestions so far but try not to tease with the expensive knives!

  10. You can get an ESEE Izula with micarta scales for $65 from Chestnut Ridge. Great people to deal with, and ESEE knives can't be beat. My 5 is probably my single favorite knife. The Izula is a great little fixed blade, and it feels way better than my Becker BK11. If you're looking for a larger fixed blade for camp chores/bushcraft/hunting, then you may want to look at a Becker BK2, BK7, or BK9. The Ranger Bush series knives are well within your price range too, and really quality knives. For folders I always go with SOG or Benchmade, and a lot of people love Spyderco knives. It seems to me that folders are generally more personal preference, whereas fixed blades are usually good or bad across the board.
  11. Spyderco Endura 4 in FRN.

    This ain't Sparta. THIS. IS. BADGER AND BLADE!

    Which forum did you think you were on, dude? :lol:

    On that note, Spyderco Paramilitary 2 :lol:
  12. Grohmann Russell Belt Knife. Probably the best knife of its type and has been for decades. I own a lot of knives (pre-Fiskars Gerbers, Case, Vintage Buck, Randall, Microtech, Benchmade, Ken Onion Schrade, CKRT, Victorinox..I could go on). My Grohmann Russells are the most versatile and without a doubt the best made knife for the money. They are a most attractive blade also. One is on display at the NY Museum of Modern Art.
  13. I have an izula 2 and it is a very very nice knife.
  14. I like my Benchmade Griptillian for the price it's tough to beat. I'm not a fan of Cold Steel or CRKT, although they have some loyal customers they should be able to make knives in the US for the same price, Benchmade, Kershaw and Buck can do it, why not Cold Steel and CRKT?
  15. Get him a Case.

    /thread is over/
  16. Good suggestion. I never expected to like my Case Sowbelly as much as I do. I wasn't big on traditional knives when I was deep into the hobby, but now, along with my sprint run CTS-20CP Spyderco Paramilitary 2 and a Murray Carter custom utility fixed blade, it is all I have left and all I need. I think the Sowbelly is a bit more than $75, but there are literally hundreds of excellent options for a traditional Case slipjoint at the $75 price point. Also, having a traditional slipjoint folder is nice for when one wants/needs to pull out a knife in public, as they are less intimidating than today's aggressive-looking tactical folders.

  17. Last I checked, most Cold Steel were made right here in California. They may have some cheaper lines and some of their plastic training/novelty items imported.

    And CRKT is not in the same league with Cold Steel. I've been flying a Recon-1 folder for close to 2 years now. I've sharpened it maybe 4 times and it sees hard daily use cutting rope, stripping cable, etc...
    I've got a couple of CRKT blades. I class them with Gerber. Okay for the price, but they don't hold an edge.
  18. I'm completely put off CRKT. IME, the quality just isn't there, even with higher priced models. That certain lock the folders have (forget the name) just isn't my cup of tea, either.

    Cold Steel makes some excellent products and some pretty flimsy ones. Cold Steel vs. Everyone Else is basically just a Ford vs. Chevy debate for knives. I don't really like the marketing tactics they use and you'll probably never find me with carrying one of their products.

    Just one man's opinion.
  19. Vintage PUMA if it were me.

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