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  1. If I buy a nice, high quality strop (EG - TM Latigo) - how long will it last if properly maintained? And, how is a strop properly maintained? How about a paddle?

  2. A paddle strop I don't see wearing out for an extremely long time if ever, a hanging strop especially a TM would take forever to wear out from usage, most likely the only thing to damage any hanging strop would be non usage and neglect to where the leather becomes extremely hard, brittle or drys out, simply using it daily and wiping your hands across the leather should keep it nice and supple from the natural oil in your hands or you could just put on a little neatsfoot oil every few months to keep it soft. Other then that abuse or nicking a strop accidentally would be the only ways to wear one out.
  3. On the vintage strops the most common problem is nicked leather from carelessness, and dry-rotted leather from neglect. So if you avoid these two I'd think the strop should last decades or more. But you're more likely to nick your strop, or the dog eat it, or your child decide to carve patterns in it, than you are to wear it out.

    There are a number of ways to maintain it. Neatsfoot oil, saddle soap, Lexol cleaners and conditioners, or pre-shave rubdowns using your palm. Fromm and Dovo even sell strop dressings for both sides of the strop.
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