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  1. Hello guy's Fairly new to DE shaving.. Was looking to acquire some shower soaps. I have only ever used Ivory soap and Irish Spring.. What I am looking for is a brand that you guys recommend that offers different scents.. Only thing is I would prefer the soap to have a very strong lasting scent.. Looked up a few websites so much to choose from that I thought I would ask you guys first..

    Thanks...... Jimmy Rose
  2. If you have a Whole Foods near you (I think there is one in Oakville, Ontario) their own line of soaps are great. They are 8 oz for $6 so they are huge. Variety of scents: lavender, sandalwood, cucumber line, honey almond. Read the ingredients, some of them such as the lavender organic use only essential oils which is nice.

    Also, Dollarama has Yardley Lavender bar soap. It is I think about 3 to 4 oz but it's a $1 and smells GREAT.

    Online, you can look up Pre de Provence. Their soaps are big as well.
  3. Thanks for the reply will check out Whole Foods :)
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    +1 for Yardley soaps.
  5. Yardley Lavender is my go to. If you have CVS near you, sometimes they run a sale for 79 cents a bar.
  6. Musgo Real soap (from Portugal) available from a number of online shave shops, is nice. It comes in a bath size and a larger soap-on-a-rope.
  7. I love the Trader Joe's triple milled french ones. The lemon-verbena scent is very strong, and the green tea is a little more mild. They last forever.
  8. I find that Yardley doesn't leave much of a scent, but it's a good soap with a great price. You might want to try out a bar of Chandrika ayurvedic soap from Whole Foods. That has a strong scent. It might not be your cup of tea, but it's an excellent soap.

    Speaking of which, if you live near an Indian grocery, try out some of the soaps there. Mysore sandal soap gets a lot of love here. It's got a great sandalwood scent, pretty strong too.
  9. I recently tried TOBS Sandalwood bar soap. Love the scent and very moisturizing as well.
  10. Give the Shea Moisture (can be found at Target) soap a try- there is both a bar and liquid (body wash) version. Very unique smell that lasts pretty long, the soap is also very moisturizing.
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    Musgo and Speick.
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    $Mysore sandal soap.jpg
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    I know that you already have used Irish Spring, but I believe that it has the longest lasting scent of any soap I have used (way longer than Yardley) and if you double that up with the deodorant and/or antiperspirant, the scent will last and last and last!
  14. My Mystic Water Dragons Blood Body Soap makes my whole bathroom smell like dragons blood and it also leaves my skin feeling great. So my vote goes for Mystic Water.
  15. Wholefood's Grapefruit Mint is my favorite one of theirs. If you want to go off the grid a little, try African DuDu-Osun Black soap from amazon online. It has a wonderfully sweet distinctive scent that lasts and has been mentioned on this site.
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  16. I suggest Confianca soap. Their 12.3 ounce monster bricks are around $16, but they're septuple milled (that's seven times. SEVEN.), so they're hard as rock and could easily last for months. They make smaller bars too, of course.
  17. How about the Martin de Candre fougere soap?
  18. This is a little different, but being the menthol freak I am, I really like having some C.O. Bigelow Mentha Body Exfoliating Soap from Bath and Body or Dr Bronner's Peppermint Bar Soap or Peppermint Liquid Soap on hand. Bronner's has a number of other "flavors" as well.

    They are definitely strong smelling, fill the shower, bathroom and maybe half the house with great scent, and last OK on the body. If you use them to wash your hair as well, which works great with the Bronner's and YMMV with the Mentha, it seems to go further. Some like to avoid "sensitive spots" with the peppermint but I've not had a problem. I find the soaps really invigorating in the morning or on a hot day--really invigorating. And personally, I like them during the Southern winters as well, but then I'm fine with Osage Rub and Pacific Rush in cool/cold weather as well. Hey, I grew up in the hot south, freeze me.
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  19. Caswell Massey is the longest lasting I've used in terms of fragrance and the bar physically.
    Musgo Real and DR Harris Arlington are good too, but don't stay with you as long.
    I think this is Caswell Massey's strong area and haven't found anyone that can beat their bath soap.
    And, most of their good ones are on sale right now.
    I recommend Number Six, Jockey Club, Almond Cold Cream, Woodgrain Sandalwood, and Newport.
    Or, just grab the Presidential Collection. Great stuff, you won't be sorry, I promise.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, I am currently using Number Six. I am a Deisel Technician by trade. I get stinky. With this soap, I can still get whiffs of it, not overpowering whiffs, after hours on the job. Even while covered in deisel, grease, and oil.
    And, one bar will last me about a month. I generally shower twice a day.
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