Streamline love affair is over.

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by Indigo3, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Like many I just couldn't believe a razor could be so pretty but now I'm going to be a small dissenting voice amongst the streamline luv in mainstream. I finally realized that as a shaver like most pretty girls her looks belie her abilities...she's actually poorly balanced, a little heavy and has a head that gives little feed back.

    Sorry folks, arm candy is fun now and then but it's ultimately unsatisfying.
  2. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Contributor

    arm candy :biggrin1:

    How would you rate the aggressiveness? I've used an OCMM (too aggressive for me), push-button, g-bar, featherweight and a 1912.
  3. Does this mean you're looking to sell? :biggrin1: I'm interested if so.
  4. As comparisons go with respect to blade exposure I don't think it's much more aggressive than a g-bar but the weight and balance make it unwieldy.

    @drocu....maybe. I'll certainly look you up if the time comes.
  5. Nice to hear a different opinion.
    I want one because they are so pretty but maybe I'll just stick to my GEM 1912.
    Of course if one comes along in mint condition I might not be able to resist.
  6. That is ashame. I have never tried one.
  7. That is the perfect example of YMMV. If U decide 2 sell that Streamline... that will probably be one of the quickest sales transactions in the BST.

  8. maxman

    maxman Moderator Emeritus

    Hype is all it is.
    but of course, i still want one
  9. I agree. Just like the Darwin is all hyped up now. Regardless...I can't resist!
  10. I used mine this morning and all I can say is that mine IS NOT FOR SALE! Ever. I love the thing.
  11. TheVez2

    TheVez2 Contributor

    I guess there is a first time for everything. If you are used to the light touch of a 1912, then I can see how the weight of a Streamline would be cumbersome. However, I find the weight makes the shave that much smoother and easier. I have 2 streamlines and I'll never sell them either. They are just too good.
  12. +1
  13. Criminy, there's a line for this already?
  14. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator Contributor

    +1. My favorite SE razor - bar none.
  15. Yep, I get a fair amount of irritation from a lot of SEs . . . except the streamline. I think the added weight is the key, but who knows. Anyway, I use it most days and its hands down my favorite razor (SE, DE, straight).
  16. Hey WH! What's the going price for the Streamline set (with stroper) and case? These are only British?
  17. Likewise. I love mine, it's my favourite razor. Mine won't be going anywhere.
  18. They go anywhere from as low as $70.00 (Rare price) To about $200.00 + All depends on condition and if it came with shipper box , instructions, Price Tag, ETC all those factors play a roll in price getting higher :eek:)

    Yes British Made Only.
  19. I love Mine also, I only have a Few of them :001_cool: all are different Color Cases Single sets and Double Sets "Stropper Sets" They are Part of my Collection I don't Shave with all of them except one, OH and the one i gave away to Alex a few months ago.

    Just In Case anyone asks, No i'm not Selling any from my collection :biggrin1:
  20. Sounds Like Razor Adultery to me :tongue_sm Shame on you , Young Man, Shame on you..

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