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  1. Hello BB,

    Got some stuff I want to sell. Hope its all reasonable to your standards!:blushing: All prices include shipping CONUS.

    First off I have a brand new Feather RG and 2 new CJBs. The Feather RG will be $85 shipped while the CJBs are $28 with a pack of Dorco blades. No pics of the CJB but I think I am reliable in that area. Also International customers, I can get both items for you starting next week when I am back in Korea.

    Next is a brand new Brush
    It has an olivewood handle with a TGN XH 26mm Finest badger on it. Asking $60. Ill include a sample of Castle forbes along with some razorock XXX.
    Next on sale is a Acqua di Parma Arancia di Capri. It is the 5oz model. I am asking $120. As you can see in the picture it hasn't had much use.

    Next are a set a Nagura ( I apologize but the last stone, Koma, is not for sale at the moment).
    The Botan weighs are 6.2 oz, Mejiro and tenjiro at 2.9 oz each. They were all purchased here Asking $80 for all of them
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  2. Next are some pens and inks. From left to right the inks are Murasaki-shikibu , brand new for $20, the Fuyu Syogun for $15 and the Kirisame for $15. I hope the pics show the amount of usauge the last two had. I am giving preference to those that purchase the pens, and after to those who want the inks alone. INKS ARE ON HOLD for someone unless someone decides to buy a pen. I have two waiting for the used inks.

    For the pens I have additional pictures to show you nib condition
    Next is a Pilot 92 Heritage pen with an F nib. Asking $120 for it. Comes with original case and paperwork.

    Next is a Pilot Heritage 742. Asking $100.

    Esterbrook with EF nib, Stacy addams etched on the side asking $18.
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  3. Finally here are pictures of the straights $IMG_7462.jpg

    First a Beginners set with a new starshaving strop. Asking $60 shipped all together. The first razor is a Erik Von berg frameback measuring 13/16ths shave ready as I bought it. The other razor is an AJ Sheffield razor not shave ready. Could be used to practice honing.

    Next is a Weston & sons razor with Hawaiian Spalted Mango Scales
    . It measure 8/8 at its widest. Asking $160. $IMG_7297.jpg $IMG_7304.jpg $DSC_0007.jpg
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  4. The following razors have been pinned and honed by one of our very own life2short1971 .

    First up is a Fredrick Reynolds

    [​IMG] [​IMG]Asking $70
    Next is George Wostenholm. I tried cleaning it but I kinda gave up on the cleaning[​IMG] Asking $65
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  5. Lastly I am selling a Filarmonica 14 for $220. Will trade for any 7/8ths CV razors or Theirs Issard, le Grelot. Sorry no Germans and Old Sheffield's at the moment. Though a few Japanese western straights my interest me. View attachment 357442 .

    Plus these pics [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  6. Forgot to mention that I have some rattan about 100 inches which is free with any purchase. $DSC_0011.jpg

    Also I have a pinning set. The bottom scales are cocobolo while the middle two are made of a very hard wood. The top is a scale that may for a 13/16th razor. Selling them all for $30. $DSC_0012.jpg $DSC_0014.jpg SET IS SOLD!

    One more pic of the Filarmonica

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  7. PM Sent
  8. Hi Andy,

    Two questions:
    1. would any of these be good shave-ready sets for a straight-razor virgin like me?
    2. Are you willing to ship to Australia?

    Thanks so much,

  9. Cjbs are sold along with the pinning set.

    Hey Paul,

    The razors minus the filarmonica and the swede were honed by member lifeisshort1971 so they are good to go. The set was honed by someone else. I can say yes to any of the razors that they will be good to shave. Shipping right now is conus but I can take them with me to Korea and ship them from there if your willing to wait a week for shipment. Let me know via pm what you would like me to do.
  10. Hi Andy,

    I PMd you about the nagura set, did you get my message?
  11. Wostneholm , reynolds straights are sold, NAGURA sold!

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