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  1. I went to an antique shop Sunday and found a Straight Razor Gold Mine. It's the same place I bought Paco's Wedge blade. They had at least 60 Straights all in good condition. Several Torreys, several ducks, a few Heinckels, a few Wade and Butchers, Wolstys, and the list goes on and on. The name of the place is Heartland Antiques in Sevierville, TN if anyone wants to call or run down. I wanted to ask the attendant if I could photograph a few of them to see if anyone on here wanted them, but they were really busy and I didn't bother. Most of them were $18 apiece. They had way more than they did the last time i was there.
  2. AND you didn't get any for me :(
  3. Would it have been that hard to pick me up a full hollow? Wow, I need to make a trip up to TN.
  4. Packed and taking a few days off...heading to TN!!!!
    Dude! At $18 each buy as many as you can!!!
    Really, as many as you can!
  5. You lucky dog. Snap them up ! I'll buy your throw-a-ways.
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  6. Dang, if they had 60 of them in the condition you say at $18 a piece they would probably have 0 by the time I left.
  7. I really don't know what I'm looking for honestly. I just looked at the names and recognized a few of them. Maybe I can get by there on a day thats not so busy and take some pictures. I wouldn't mind a bit picking a few up for people.
  8. It kinda depends on condition of them..rust/pitting can be am.issue..I saw 4 razors..1 was less tarnished but for restoring they would be good if you had the tools and knew what to do..nice idea Dave
  9. Jealous I'm not in TN.
  10. Hell, at 18 a piece, you could put me down for a Heinckels, or a Wade and Butcher.
  11. Wow, might have to swing by next time I'm in that neck of the woods...
  12. If you head back and find a decent 6/8, I'd be interested especially for $18. Wish I was in TN...
  13. if you get some pictures i might be interested in getting you to pick something up as well. damn this RAD...
  14. I'm going to head back up there Friday and I'll just take a pic of all of them in the case (no blades open, etc). I'm not very intelligent when it comes to straights other than looking at Brand names. I will get pics of all them in the case in a group shot and take my iPad in and write down names of razors. I will also check the blades and scales on all of them to make sure they close well and have no nicks in the blade. Apologies in advance, but I won't have the time to take pics of each individual blade so you'll just have to trust my judgement in all of it. There were at least 60 or so I think the last time I was up there and they are all in the same sellers case. There is also an antique place down the road from it that had several Unions, a couple of Red Imps, and a Wosty or two.
  15. damn.... 60 straights. and i thought 4 was "alot" :scared::scared:
  16. wow. that is quite a bit. the place near me had only 4, and i had to hunt all over for them, and of those the only one in decent condition didnt have a price tag. and it was one of those multi vendor antique mall deals so there was nothing that could be done about that cause the vendor wasn't there. needless to say, i am jealous of your antique store.

    you are a good man Dave. thanks for going out of you way to help so many other people out with their RAD ;)
  17. HLS


    Hi Dave. I'm "needing" a Duble Duck or two :biggrin:


  18. No problem guys. It would be around $20 per razor (after high TN taxes) plus priority shipping (I cannot ship a straight in an envelope). I'll head up there Friday and see what they have and can go back next week and pick them up for anyone interested
  19. Same here.
  20. I may "need" a Henckles... for scientific purposes of course. Also, blades 7/8 or so... I'm doing much research as you can see...

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