Straight razor for sale, New Old Stock.. SOLD!

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  1. Hello all,

    I have several of these available so multiple orders are OK.

    Hess Otto's Special Wedge No. 200

    These are NOS (New Old Stock) that I bought from a distributor (I wiped out his inventory). They were unwrapped by me and come with the original paper wrapping. I have not cleaned the grease from the blade or anything else. These are the last available anywhere.


    Click on the pic above. It will take you to a Gallery. Click on one of the pics to the right. When that opens click on "All Sizes" for a large pic.

    Grind - Wedge AKA 1/4 hollow, a very stiff grind that is suitable for all beard types.

    Size - 5/8ths

    Steel - Carbon steel, takes a wicked edge!

    Scales - are not celluloid, some plastic composite.

    Made in - Germany

    Age - 30-40 years old or more

    Price - $60, plus shipping, honing service is available

    Payment - Paypal ( Postal Money order, Cash (always!) or check, no other types of money order
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    BTW, all the razors are sold.

    More NOS razors will be available very soon.
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    Take advantage of Randy's honings service. We're talking scary sharp - seriously! :scared:

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