Straight razor duplication and restored brushes sale.

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  1. I have some duplicate straight razors that I'm not using and figured I'd offer them up. The first is a Wade & Butcher for Barbers Only 7/8" near wedge with a Barber's Notch from circa 1870. This razor is in very good shape for its age with brand new black acrylic scales and yellow acrylic wedge, nickel pins and washers. It has a near mirror finish, and as you can see, some pitting showing through. Razor is shave ready,(Traded)

    The second is a Joseph Elliot Fine India Steel razor, 11/16 near wedge with a Barber's Notch from circa 1840. This razor is also in very good shape for its age with brand new bone colored acrylic scales and its original reshaped lead wedge with nickel pins and washers. The razor is polished but also has some pitting showing through. Razor is shave ready, (Traded)

    Brushes have been sold, thank you.
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  2. The blades sound nice but I've got no pictures.
  3. Price

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    Same here. No pictures. :sad:
  4. Bring on the pictures!
  5. rearviewmirror

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    I'm seeing 1 picture of each razor and a picture of the brushes.
  6. Price

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    Well you're one up on me, Agent P.
  7. Try copying and pasting the bottom link in your Photobucket options.
  8. I find better success with to be honest. They have links labeled clearly (use the forum code URL and delete their link at the bottom of it). Looking forward to seeing your sales stuff (though I am about to head to work so I am sure I will miss it all ;) ).
  9. +1, but the prices seem nice
  10. They were there earlier, nice Plisson!
  11. What bottom link? None of these boxes are even linked to anything that I can find.

  12. When you put your cursor over the photo you want, the box appears with relevant links.
  13. Was not directed to you, this was for the OP of this thread, as he has access to his photo's.
  14. Ah gotcha, I was confused I thought you were directly for us to see the pics.
  15. Yes they're working now.
  16. Thank you ML.
  17. Straight razors reduced, thank you.

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