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Discussion in 'The Nib' started by The Nid Hog, Apr 11, 2012.

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    Over the past year I've gone from having half a dozen fountain pens that I use regularly to...well, let's just say that there's a fair number more than that on my desk now. My question is: how do I store the pens that aren't currently in my rotation? Drain the ink, clean them and put them away? Pack them in cosmoline? Keep them in a thermos full of liquid nitrogen? What's my best bet?
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    Cosmoline is optional ( Sea going bellhop is showing Nid). Liquid Nitrogen only in extreme cases !!!!:shifty:
  3. I think it's a safe bet that if you're not going to use a pen for "a while" that it ought to be flushed and dried, but after that, it's up to you. I keep mine in a converted cigar box, whether being used "currently" or not. I have about a 6 pen rotation right now, and each one gets used at least once a week, so it stays filled. Others are on the second shelf, empty.
  4. I would think just cleaning them out would be good. My Cross Century sat (with a cartridge in it) for at least 16 years packed away in a box in the attic. A bit of soaking and flushing and it was ready to go- I had ink dried in the feed, but if you clean it out before storing that will not be a problem. I would probably let it air dry for a day or so before packing it away.

    on edit: I am thinking about putting the Cross back in storage, as it is a fine nib, so it doesn't get much love from me. I gave away all my other fine nibs, but I won't get rid of this. I bought it in the Higbee's store in downtown Cleveland (where the Santa scene in "A Christmas Story" was filmed). I miss Cleveland, and that Higbee's store (they had phenomenal wood working in it), and I am a bit of a sentimental sap.
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    i've been using fountain's for about 8 years now...when i am not going to have ink in a pen i completely flush them with water until the water comes out clear, then i leave them out to dry with the cap off for a couple of days. i always try to have the piston or filler in the position where the plunger is in the completely empty position while drying. i have never had a problem with a pen not starting. i have used this on 1 mont blanc 149, one parker 45 and one 95 and one 51, 2 esties, quite a few schaeffer's, 2 lamy 2000, 1 edison, 1 twsbi
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    As you and others have said, flush and dry, put away. I actually give a quick wipe to rid the surface of oils and fingerprints and store them away from heat and light (UV rays damage many vintage pen materials).

    Then I take the chest down to my safe deposit box. :whistling:

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