stop shine of bald head

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  1. what's good Product against the shiny of bald head??

    grtz head shaver
  2. HeadBlade makes a product called HeadMatte, and BaldGuyz also makes a matte product. I believe L'Oreal (sp?) makes a product to help with shine for bald guys. I never used any of them because I like the shiny look, in fact I shave my head BBS every day, sometimes twice a day, just for the shiny look!
  3. I'm not a headshaver, but it seems to me that something as simple as talc would be pretty good for that.
  4. I still remember when the kid in 5th Grade got a whipping when he said to the teacher, "Beany, shine your head for a nickel!" The teacher had a full head of black hair, but it was a crew cut and it shined.
  5. A wig?
  6. Agreed.
  7. I head shave and when I dont want a shiner I use Pinaud Talc and in a pinch Baby Powder. You dont need much just enough to dull the skin.
  8. Doesn't the talc dry out your skin?

    Now that the skin on my head is moist and healthy it is starting to shine. I would hate to do all this work just to dry it back out with talc.

    The only reason I'm intrested in dulling it is becuase the dark stuble is seen much easier to the eye then when the skin was dull and dry.
  9. You know those face powders that women use? The ones that come with little foam applicators? The ones that come in a wide variety of color shades?

    I'm not sayin'; I'm just sayin.'
  10. I've always wondered why some bald heads are so shiny. Is the skin that different than any other smooth part of the body?
  11. it's stretched tight over a big ol' dome :lol:
  12. That and it being oily, instead of your hair getting oily it just stays on the skin. Personally using moisturizers just seems to make it worse, even the matte ones. I just splash some thayers witch hazel w/ aloe on my head after shaving or showering.
  13. I'm a headshaver myself but since I have oily skin I tend to get the shiny look whether I like it or not. Along with the others I would also recommend talc. You could also try those headblade wipes or simple alcohol or other astringent.

    Also if you do have oily skin a simple rag dipped in warm to hot water with a cold water rinse also works if time isn't on your side.
  14. Head shaver also but use a clippers. I do once in a while after the shower use witch hazel on my head.

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