still have ingrown hairs. Please help

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  1. I have been shaving with a DE razor for about a month now. I love the feel and I actually look forward to shaving! I got a great deal on a Merkur Futur set, but I'm still getting ingrown hairs on my neck. I have been careful to shave very lightly over the problem area, and I have been trying to care for the area daily to see if the problems clear up but nothing has worked. The problems are as bad as they were when I used a cartridge razor.
    I've considered using a chemical hair removal on my neck to get rid of the hair for a while, then see if the problems go away, but I wanted your suggestions first..
    Have any of you used chemical hair removal? How'd it work? Also, is there something I'm missing when shaving? Do you have any other suggestions or ideas on how to deal with this?

    I figure the whole problem is in the way my beard grows, the hair doesn't grow straight out. I tends to grow in a severe spiral around my face so the problem area on my neck already grows the hairs sideways.. makes it easy to have ingrown hairs.

    Thanks for any help!
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  2. Jim

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    Welcome Miller!

    What blade are you using and whats your prep like?

    An alcohol based after shave splash can paradoxically be very helpful. Speick is a great choice.

    Prep, a sharp blade,good technique are the solution at the end of the day.
  3. I also have the same problems in my neck area, and I have been DE shaving for about a month, too. Two shaves ago I practically turned myself into a redneck! It was cooked medium well, so I took a week off to let me ingrowns and razor burn heal, and to also let me neck hairs grow out so I could map them. Once they grow out I found several different patterns, from the bottom of my neck to my adam's apple grow up. Bottom of chin to top of neck grow down, the rest of my neck grow sideways from adam's apple to ears. So, with the absolute lightest touch I shaved up to my adam's apple, down from my chin, and sideways from adam's apple to ears. I did this twice, and then left it alone. Not exactly BBS, but not burned either. Also, using moisterizer seems to help. I read somewhere that jhooking works good with these odd patterns, but I have been brave enough to try it, yet.
  4. Hi, and welcome to B&B:001_smile

    I feel your pain:cursing:

    A few questions....

    Do you pre prep your beard before shaving?
    How often do you shave?
    Which blades do you use?
    Are you getting a good and correct lather? - it should be very slick between your fingers and "difficult" to wash off!!

    Kind regards Lars Jensen:thumbup:
  5. I prep by taking a shower first.. get my face good and hot to open the pores.
    I later up really well, trying to get the ole' badger hair to stand the beard up. I think my foam consistency is pretty good, although I'm still getting the hang of it..
    I use a Futur razor and was using a Merkur blade, then switched to one I bought at Wal-Mart.. frankly I haven't noticed any extra pulling or burning with the cheapo blades, but I'm still learning.

    Post shave I was using Calendula Oil and that's it. I read somewhere I should avoid alcohol based lotions so I have stayed away from them.

    Also, I have tried stepping my shaves down to every other day, as well as daily.. it doesn't seem to help either way. Those little hairs always seem get under my skin (pun intended).

    Thanks for any advice!
  6. :001_005:
    ... Lather is EXTREMELY importent, just as, if not more, importent than a good blade. Try loading the brush a bit more with soap before taking it to the bowl, hand or face. When you get it right, you'll know!!
    Merkur blade is known to be a bit dull.

    If it's possible for you, try taking a break from shaving for 4-6 days and then giving it another go. Carefully of course :wink:

    Otherwise your preporation of the beard sounds good!

    I hope it works out for you!!

    Kind regards Lars Jensen:001_005:
  7. Have you tried using Witch Hazel? You can buy thayers without alcohol.

    That is what i use, my skin doesnt seem to appreciate alcohol based aftershaves.
  8. Jim

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    All good advice above, The blades you are using are for many men a problem, you may wish to look at a sampler to find a much sharper blade. Adding a few minutes of extra prep could help also.

    And as stated above, check in to the tutorials for lather building support.
  9. Oh yeah. I have used witch hazel a few times. It was nice.. I would splash some on after dowsing in cold water. It made my skin feel good but didn't help with the ingrown hairs.
  10. I'd try a couple of things before I went with any kind of chemical. I used to get terrible ingrowns on my neck in the Mach III days.

    First, avoid any against-the-grain strokes for awhile once you've mapped out your beard growth pattern on your neck - stick with light pressure with-the-grain and across-the-grain.

    Second, try an alum block in your post-shave regimen. Rinse with cold water and apply the block to your neck.

    Third, you may want to try an injector. I shave with one about once a week. the heavier, thicker blade has helped me avoid the ingrowns.

    Good luck!
  11. I have used an alum block as a deodorant for years (I avoid the aluminum and other odd chemicals in most deodorants), I've never heard of using it for the face?! Why does it help?
    Thanks for the advice BTW
  12. You are aware that Alum is usually Sodium Aluminium Sulphate (barber's alum & some deodorants) or Ammonium Aluminium Sulphate (some deodorants) I guess?

    It helps by acting as an astringent - closing pores and tightening the skin.
  13. Yeah, that's true. But it's the aluminum chlorohydrate that's potentially dangerous ( this is what I use: ). It may be a myth, but i'm happy with the product and it keeps my mind as ease (plus it works and is cheaper then other deodorants... what is this?! I am turning into a commercial!!).

  14. I've recommended this product and I'll recommend it again. It's true that the best thing for your ingrown hairs in the long run is to stop them at the source, but if you want to get rid of the symptoms right away, I personally gaurentee this product.

    Edit: Although I've never used it on my face, it's certainly ok to do so. I use it for the back of my neck, shoulders, and arm pits, and my entire back (my girlfriend helps me out in a few places, and yes I shave my armpits.)
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  15. Hi and Welcome!!! I too had pretty bad ingrowns on the neck when I first started wetshaving. The following worked for me:

    - stopped using the Merkur blade because they were brutal...Derbys, Gillette 7 oclocks, and Feathers worked much better for me...YMMV!!!
    - In addition to growth pattern, be sure that your angle is correct and try your best not to use pressure
    - I use a natural loofah and soap to gently exfoliate around my neck prior to shaving.
    - Don't change too many things at once.

    Good luck!!!

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