Still getting cuts.

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  1. Hello Gents! :thumbup1:

    Im still getting cuts while im shaving :thumbdown: . Its really annoying sometimes and makes me want to stop traditional wetshaving. It does not happen when i use a normal razor.

    But after i splach cold water on my face the bleeding stops. Will they stop happening or will i still get them and do you gents get them aswell?

    Thank You :thumbup:
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  2. You might still be going a little too quickly or your angle and pressure might be off... It happens to all of us. Just last night I butchered my neck, ugh... still waiting for all the cuts to heal. And I was definitely rushing.

    - ice
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    If you're 16 months into wet-shaving, you shouldn't be cutting yourself so much ... the fact that you can stop the bleeding with just cold water is a good sign though, as it says that the cuts are not too severe.

    I'd suggest you look at your pre-shave prep ... perhaps you might want to try some better hydration technique like Kyle's prep, or add in a product like Proraso Pre-Shave to give your beard more softening before you apply the blade.
  4. Luc

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    Other than cuts, is the shave close? You might need a milder razor... But yes, pressure seems to be an issue.

    Prep would be a good thing to look into!
  5. are you cutting yourself in the same area? if yes, angle is off...

    It happened to me until I change the angle on certain areas
  6. +1
  7. I get them on my neck even though i have changed the angle
  8. Luc

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    Sounds like you need to go slower on the neck. Don't worry about time, you will gain speed when you will get used to it.
  9. Update - I shaved today, changed me angle took my time and im still getting the cuts. :thumbdown :mad3: :angry:

    I think its because i was only electric shaving a couple of weeks ago and have come back to de shaving. Could this be the reason for the cuts. Does my skin need to get used to it again?

    Thank you gents much appreciated! :thumbup:
  10. Luc

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    I wouldn't know if the skin needs adjustment as my last electric shave was more than 15 years ago.

    Now, you are still getting cuts, are those old wounds that are re-opening or the neck was clean and it re-started?

    You might need a milder razor, what are you using?
  11. Skin doesn't 'toughen up' changing shaving methods. It's simply technique that avoids difficulties.

    If cuts don't happen when you use a cart, then it's your DE technique.
  12. Try a shave oil. It should be very hard to cut yourself. Are you trying different blades? Some will get you quicker than others. I know when I shave my head a merkur blade will nick me on almost every pass but not my face and an astra will do fine on my head but I have to be careful or i'll nick my face. Make sure there is no slicing action at all to your technique. Any sideways motion of the razor is almost guaranteed to get you. These are my experiences anyway.
  13. What products are you using? razor, soap, cream, blade etc...

    I find that for me using very slick soaps helped with my neck, creams didn't work for me.
  14. Are you just getting the cuts on a straight WTG pass, or when doing ATG? ATG on the neck is hard for a LOT of people and it wouldn't surprise me if you get weepers there. But on a WTG, that's a little unusual. Use minimal pressure and be sure you're shaving over a flat surface - pull some skin around to avoid the adam's apple if you have to, or use the hold-swallow trick so that the apple doesn't protrude quite so much.
  15. You shouldn't be getting cuts.

    I haven't had one in months. Not even a little one that stopped with cold water.

    To quote an internet meme, "You're doing it wrong."

    I wonder whether your lather quality is not good. I would think lather first, pressure and angle second, speed third as likely culprits.
  16. I am using a merkur HD and im getting the cuts when i shave against the grain
  17. "Doctor, it hurts when I put my arm in the air."

    "Don't do it then."

    It that's not helpful, are you doing A/XTG first? If so, then you may have to join the ranks of those that can't tolerate ATG passes. Or perhaps your angle/technique ATG isn't good.
  18. I normally dont get cuts.

    I do a three pass shave WTG XTG AGT

    Im using Gillette 7oclock blades which i have not used before also.
  19. I would change the blade, I tried astras and hacked my face up somethin' awful. Now I only use derbys or feathers.
  20. Ive got 100 derby blades so i wil try them :)

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