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  1. What do you use to keep your skin taut. My fingers slide all over the place. Anything short of super glue?
  2. haha..Alum very well for nicks/cuts/skin stretching...anti persperent bar is also another option with it :001_tt1:
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    Yes Sir, it works good.
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    Alum block or a small square piece of cloth/rag.
  5. I drape a bar towel over my shoulder while shaving to dry my fingers from time to time. If I need help pulling (which mostly occurs at the base of my neck), I use the bar towel. Another bar towel is located to the side of the sink for removing built-up lather from the blade.
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    Use it wet Dave.
  8. +1 on the alum, or even a wash cloth.
  9. i might use a bit of alum at the beginning bu then i just wipe my hands off... and when i am stretching the neck, i wipe of the area with a small towel and it's goof to go...
  10. These work good..... either that or alum... if you have tender skin...

  11. Lately, I've been trying to only put my finger-tips on un-lathered areas. As I work down from the sideburn area, I can then pull/stretch areas that have been shaved and allow plenty of grip, since they are free of shaving cream now. Try to stretch from areas that are either free of shaving cream or have been shaved-----works for me.
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    Alum block for sure.

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