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  1. Ok fellow tobacco lovers, here's the deal (I have a feeling this post will be long):

    I enjoy cigars occasionally. However, the problem I have with cigars is that most of the more interesting cigars are in sizes like robusto, corona, lonsdale, etc. These cigars will smoke a good hour, to hour and a half (at least for me).

    Some of th cigars I have enjoyed in the past are (in no particular order):
    Casa Magna (colorado robusto)
    La Aroma de Cuba (it's a strange size, I think ceres) or something like that
    CAO Brazilia

    I have noticed that when I sit down for a smoke, I become fatigued by the smoke at around the 40-45 minute mark. The room starts to spin and I start to feel whoozy. :blink:

    Not fun.

    I enjoy the first 20-30 min immensely.

    Now I am considering pipe smoking, so that:

    a) I can control the length of the smoke to keep it at around the 20 to 30 min mark and

    b) I am interested to try some fun tobaccos and I get the sense that pipe tobacco (as a general rule) is less astringent, less harsh, less spicy than cigar tobacco.

    Sure I understand that bigger bowl = longer smoke, and denser tobacco = longer smoke, so many pipes can last 2 hours or more. But my thinking is that I can control the amount of tobacco I put in the pipe and therefore adjust the length of the smoke.

    So please give me your opinions on the following and either confirm or overturn my preconceptions:

    1) Is pipe smoke smoother as a general rule than cigar smoke?
    2) Is pipe tobacco and hence pipe smoke an entirely different beast than cigar tobacco (and also is it a more varied experience)?
    3) Am I doing it [cigar smoking] wrong? /internet meme

    That is, are there other cigars that I should be trying that perhaps would give me more enjoyment for less time? What say you about petit coronas?

    Any sticks that you can recommend I try before I go down the pipe rabbit hole?

    I only smoke about a cigar every quarter of a year, so I am by no means a regular smoker, but it is something that I enjoy and would I am considering switching over to pipes. Your advice and counsel is greatly appreciated.

    (told you it would be a long post)
  2. I tried 'em both back in the days when I was trying to kick cigarettes, but never got into them. I even took a shot at spit tobacco which I immediately found obnoxious. Looking back, I'm glad none caught my fancy.
  3. I am interested in pipe smoking as well. I'll have to check back on this thread once some recommendations are made.

    About the woozy part....if you tried dipping it wouldn't take as long to make the room spin! People think it's gross, but man, the buzz is awesome! :thumbup1:
  4. The first thing I can tell you is that learning how to correctly smoke a pipe is much more difficult than learning how to smoke a cigar. If you are going to smoke so infrequently you are better off sticking with the cigars. There is a technique to filling the pipe correctly, and a cadence to smoking that will maximize your enjoyment. Until you get these two things down you will not enjoy the pipe as much and will have to constantly relight, and you'll burn your tongue. I am not telling you to try, I am just saying don't expect to stuff the pipe, light it, and smoke away.

    1) Is pipe smoke smoother as a general rule than cigar smoke?
    There is no general rule, pipe tobacco can be flavorful and sweet, or spicy, or strong enough to make your head spin.

    2) Is pipe tobacco and hence pipe smoke an entirely different beast than cigar tobacco (and also is it a more varied experience)?
    Yes, the types of tobacco that go into a blend and the way they are processed can cover a larger range of flavors and strengths than cigars

    3) Am I doing it [cigar smoking] wrong? /internet meme
    No, your probably not doing it wrong, but you could do better. If you are getting light headed and dizzy, eat something before smoke, and drink a soda or something else with sugar in it to counter act the nicotine.

    Oliva serie G cigars are a lighter cigar that you may like. And they come in a nifty little size called the Special G that is probably a 25 minute smoke that may be right up your ally.
  5. Both pipe and cigar smoking CAN give you a light or heavy buzz. It really depends upon the type of tobacco you're smoking. I am not too familiar with pipe, but I know there are pipe tobacco that could put the strongest cigar to shame!

    If you are getting buzzed from the cigar half way through, it may be too strong for you. I'm also not familiar with casa magna, but La Aroma and CAO Brazil I believe are in the medium to full category in terms of strength. Why not try to start with a macanudo for a light body or a cuesta rey for a light to medium. The cuesta rey sun growns are a good medium body as well as nat sherman, some arturo fuente, punch, and the rocky patel lite.

    Over time your body will grown acustom to the nicotine, and you will be able to enjoy stronger cigars. Just remember that it's not the strength of the cigar that makes it taste good, so don't always think you will be smoking full body cigars to get the best flavor. Actually, as case in point, I went through a box of cuesta ray 47 that aged for 7 years. Good stuff! Talk about brown cello!
  6. +1 for cuesta rey's
  7. Well, I've been smoking cigars for several years now so "starting out" with a lighter cigar is kinda moot at this point. I don't like macanudos, just bland in my estimation, but I will look into that cuesta rey sounds interesting and Rocky is known as a top quality smoke, so maybe I'll try some of his stuff.

    My issue is really the length of time smoking, after 30 mins I get really tired of smoking, which I believe is kinda contrary to the whole exercise.:laugh:

    I just can't dedicate that much time to a cigar. Thanks for the suggestions!
  8. Try picking up some of the Fuente Hemingway Short Story cigars. They're excellent little things and you should be able to finish one in 30-40 minutes.

    I do recommend picking up a pipe, as well. Don't worry too much about the size of the bowl. Pipe tobacco is so cheap that you won't have any guilt about cutting a smoking session short when you're ready. A bowl of pipe tobacco is in about the same range as a DE blade, happily.

    If you get a pipe, be sure to learn the rituals of loading, lighting and smoking one. There's a little more involved than clipping and lighting a cigar, but it's not bad and you'll come to appreciate the few extra minutes you spend to do it right.
  9. If you are feeling lightheaded, you may be over puffing. Most cigar experts will tell you to not puff more than about once a minute (very difficult for me). If you are over puffing you are also making the tobacco way too hot and therefore bitter.
    Someone already mentioned the Oliva series, they have some great cigars in small sizes which will only last 20-30 minutes. Also Punch makes a great corona size which I burn through in 30 minutes.
    Happy smoking, either way!
  10. jwhite

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    I have always considered pipes to be a leisurely smoke that doesn't take well to being rushed. However many pipe tobaccos withstand relights much better than cigars. Some unscented tobaccos seem to actually improve so you can smoke a while put it down and come back to it later.
  11. After reading your post about not wanting to smoke more than 30 minutes, I agree with invizable's recommendation. If you notice that your cigar has a point rather than a round nub, you are definitely puffing on the cigar too much. Relax when you smoke. Enjoy! This is definitely not one of the many pleasures to rush.
  12. Don't smoke the NUB as that is one looong smoke. Try a Davidoff Grand Cru #5
  13. Smoking is all about the enjoyment. If after 30 minutes you are satisfied set the thing down and let it die a peaceful death.
  14. Yep, I agree with Leche. "Proper" cigar etiquette dictates that you let it die after it reaches the half-way point. This, coincidentally, is when I start to tire of most cigars so I toss em out and don't feel bad for doing it. I prefer pipes just cause it doesn't take nearly as long to finish one.
  15. Why not take a smaller cigar, like a half-corona, or small corona? They last me about 30 minutes.
  16. I switched from cigars to pipes over 2 years ago and have not looked back. Although enjoyed cigars for over 10 years, lonedales mainly, I just took to pipes better. The tobacco flavor profile for pipe tobacco was better for me. I could vary the flavors by changing blends with each bowl, a little harder to do with a cigar. At the end of the day enjoy yourself because if it becomes a hassle or chore the enjoyment part is out the window. That defeats the purpose.
  17. I must be a rude cigar smoker. I go until the cigar burns my finger.
  18. I always let it go out after half-way point, but never before 3/4 is smoked
  19. ouch

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    I smoked both for years, but for me, pippes have it all over cigars. The amazing array of styles and flavors can't be beat, you can enjoy it several times a day without spending hours at it, and the price can't be compared. For the price of a decent stogie, you can buy a tin of tobacco that may be smoked up to a few dozen times.

    There's certainly a place for cigars, but pipes are the top of the smoker's mountain.
  20. I smoke cigars from 12 years old , my grandmother work in a cigar farm winding
    she always tell me smoke national cigars only .Am from Puerto Rico in the 1940 cigars was a big industry , but now is not , but still making good cigars

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