Starter Kit; Tabac Dish & AS; Vie-Long Horsehair Brush; MWF & Mystic Waters; Pipe!

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  1. Den Clean-out! I've now tried lots of stuff, and am finally starting to find out what I love and what is surplus. All prices shipped CONUS, additional for other destinations.

    First up: Full DE Starter Kit (reduced + new purchase options) + BONUS if purchased today, May 1st (*see below)
    Merkur 180 (aka 23c) DE Razor, like new (same great head and shave as the renowned Merkur 34c HD)
    Rudy Vey Finest Badger Brush, TGN two-band 20mm knot/50mm loft, natural black buffalo horn handle, used ~half year
    - full disclosure: small crack at base of handle (in no way affects function - PM for macro pics)
    Omega 49 (aka 10049) Boar Brush, 28mm/70mm, used one month
    Box of 100 Derby Extra Razor Blades, new (of course)
    Razor Blade sampler, new
    Cella Soap tub, used 4x
    Crabtree & Evelyn Sandalwood Soap refill/puck, used 2x
    Pinaud Clubman Aftershave 6oz bottle, ~70% remaining (*BONUS - will trade this out for a FULL 8oz bottle)
    Freebie Van der Hagen Soap puck, ~75% remaining
    Freebie Edwin Jagger Sandalwood mini-sampler, new
    Styptic Pencil, new
    Glass soap bowl
    (*BONUS - will also throw in a new/full 3.95oz tube of The Body Shop Maca Root shave cream - $10 value)
    ($100) Reduced to just $90!

    I could sell the full kit as stated above, BUT without the Cella and badger brush - all for $50

    SOLD - Second: Tabac!Could break this up various ways, but in order to reduce shipping, offering this way:
    Tabac Soap in Dish, ~70% remaining + Tabac Aftershave, 300ml/10.1oz, ~95% remaining = $40
    Two Tabac refills/pucks, one new + one 95% remaining = $25 (SOLD - $75 shipped to CAN)

    SOLD - Third: Vie-Long 14831M Horse Hair Shaving Brush
    35%mane/65%tail hair - 23mm knot, 55mm loft, 44mm handle
    Beautiful natural, unbleached/undyed hair, black & clear acrylic handle
    Lathered twice, just not my thing. Comes in orig box with plastic drip stand.
    (SOLD - $40)

    SOLD -
    Fourth: Mitchell's Wool Fat & Mystic Water Coconut Shave Soaps (brush not included)
    Mitchell's Wool Fat (MWF) refill/puck, used 4x
    + Mystic Water Coconut soap in tub, used 4x
    (SOLD - $22)

    Fifth: LaCroix French Briar Tobacco Pipe
    LaCroix S.A. 4-Star Estate Briar Pipe
    Beautiful straight grain along bowl
    Nice, deep 1.5" bowl, 0.75" diameter
    Elegant wide bit, no teeth marks
    (could also PIF a good amount of brown leaf with purchase of pipe! - if this is allowed, unclear on these rules...)
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  2. PM sent on MWF and Mystic Waters
  3. Wow I hope some newbie here sees that kit. I wish I had that when I started!
  4. Great stuff! Good luck with the sale!
  5. An Excellent Starter Kit
  6. PM sent re tabac
  7. Mystic Water & MWF sold. Thanks B&B!
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  8. Vie-Long Brush sold. Thanks B&B!

    Starter kit, Tabac, tobacco pipe still available.
  9. Price drop on the newbie starter kit.
  10. Added new (smaller) purchase option on the starter kit - dropped to half of original price.

    Great way for a newbie to get started into DE shaving!
  11. Tabac lot sold. Thanks B&B!

    Starter kit and tobacco pipe still available.
  12. Thanks guys, I really want to pass this starter kit on to a DE newbie!

    I edited the listing to add a couple BONUS items to the kit, if purchased today.

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