"Standard" Legrelot 1/4 grind

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  1. OK, for all of you who aren't on the B&B limited edition list, don't despair!

    You can (and should!) go out and buy the regular plastic scaled, and satin finished LeGrelot and it will shave you awesome!

    Mine was not a perfect specimen. There is some kind of ding/divit (fairly deep) in the toe of the razor, and the honing bevel on one side had some sory of inward curve to it in the middle of about 1/4"-1/2" long.

    That being said, those are not show-stoppers, as this blade kicks some serious butt! Mine arrived nicely packaged and oiled up. The blade was not to my standards of being "shave ready", but some work on the lapping films and pasted hangers took care of that.

    Shaves nice and smooth, and seems more forgiving than a thinner grind razor.

    The pics turned out a bit fuzzy for some reason, but I think you get the idea of what this razor is all about.
  2. Where did this come from?

  3. here
  4. Nice looking razor!
  5. The originals are still showing up on the 'bay, also, should one be interested. I saw one go for dirt cheap just the other day.

    John P.
  6. Just ordered one of these today cant wait for mine to arrive. Looks i got one of the last ones as the black scaled one are now out of stock. Are these the same blanks used in the BB special or are they in some way different?

  7. On a different thread of mine you recomended this razor and a Dovo Renissance. Now that you have expirenced both what one do you favor the most? I'm planning on getting one of the two. :lol: You've been a great help and I can't thank you enough!
  8. Sorry, I can't make that decision for you!:tongue_sm

    They are both great razors, and have different characteristics. The Renaissance is a very smooth shaver, definitely a lighter grind than this Grelot, but not super hollow by any means, it's got some meat on its' bones. As I mentioned in the other thread, I like that one particularly because it's stainless, and thus I don't have to be overly retentive above blade care, just wash & wear, if you will. The stainless steel used in the Renaissance must be different than what is used in the Friodurs, or differently treated. I had two Friodurs (just sold one), and they are much more finicky to hone up than the Renaissance. For me, it was easy to get an edge on the Renaissance that was my new benchmark for sharpness. I was really impressed by the edge and the smoothness of the shave. As I mentioned, I like this razor so much I may go out and get another one.

    The LeGrelot 1/4 grind is such a cool razor, you can't go wrong there either! Actually, you may want to go for this one, as it has a couple of distinct differences from your current Dovo. It's a 6/8, which you're looking for (well, so is the Renaissance...), but it also is a much heavier grind, which will give you a different shave experience than simply a change in blade size. I guess it's personal preference, and some may say it doesn't make a real difference, but in my limited experience with the LeGrelot it seems to be more forgiving in the shave department because of the thicker grind. Just a slightly different feel to the shave--very nice! It also has a thumbnotch. Maybe not a big deal to some folks, but I've been lusting after a thumbnotch razor since I started this new hobby. The LeGrelot just looks killer, and shaves awesome as well. I've only had a couple of shave with it so far, but definitely a keeper!

    Also, these LeGrelots will probably no longer be available in the very near future (someone else said that hey already are sold out of the black handled ones?), whereas the Renaissance is part of the Dovo lineup, so you have a better chance of picking one of them up at a later time. The Grelot costs a bit more ($175 delivered as of a couple weeks back), but still comes in under your $200 limit.

    So, go out there and spend some hard earned cash! You can't go wrong with either one, really IMHO.

    Be sure to post what you think of the razor you decide on, so we can hear about it!
  9. I think I'm going to get the Le Grelot, I like the simplisity of it. Thanks!
  10. You won't regret it!:biggrin:
  11. I agree on the simplicity of the razor, that is what first drew me too it. That and i think the shoulderless grind looks nice. Looks like it should be alot easier than some other razors to keep nice and shiny aswell, as it has no gold on it that i would be worried about removing with abrasive polishes.


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