Spyderco Cara Cara 2 G10

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors!' started by braxis, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. I am looking at the Spyderco Cara Cara 2 and my question is the g10 that much better then the FRN handle?
  2. It's much heavier but rougher... This means three things, better balance, easier to grip but harder on the pockets.. I had one rub my pocket raw
  3. I am thinking that it is the way to go because of the balance and grip. The FRN is fairly rough itself will it make that much of difference on being easy on the pocket.
  4. Yes
  5. Based on my Native which is FRN and my Persistance which is G10, I'm going to say that the FRN is a lot lighter and easier on pockets, with the G10 being heavier and a lot more grippy. I personally like the G10 myself and would go with that as I like a heavier knife and love the grippiness of the G10 pockets be damned.
    According to the literature the G10 weighs 4.25 oz where the FRN weighs 3.4 oz
  6. So G10 it is. Just bought one for $29 it will replace the CRKT that I lost.
  7. $BY03G2_L.jpg
    This will be on its way to my house on Tuesday. Any one else have this knife?
  8. I got it in today and it was a lot bigger then a I thought it was going to be. I really like it though glad I went with the g-10. This thing makes my CRKT M16 look and feel rather small
  9. My next Spyderco will definitely be scaled in G10, love the look and feel of one a friend lent me. Now which to buy...
  10. Well when you decide post it here I want to see!
  11. It's not a Spydie though..Byrd is designed & somewhat QC controlled by Spyderco, but manufactured in other plants & sold under another name.
    When you compare a Spydie next to a Byrd there are very notable quality differences.
    And of course the steel is of a much cheaper sort in the Byrds.

    However, for the price, the Byrd is a good choice.
  12. That is the same with the Boker knives with the Magnum. I do have to say even though it is "cheaper" knife it still a good quality knife. You are right though it is not Spyderco made knife.

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